Original version of Ass

- Originally ready for release in February 1973. Note! This album has never been released, and probably never will be in this form.

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Producer: Release:
1:Get Away* (Molland) Joey Badfinger/Rundgren Unreleased
2:When I Say* (Evans) Tom Badfinger/Rundgren Unreleased
3:The Apple of My Eye* (Ham) Pete Badfinger/Rundgren Unreleased
4:The Winner (Molland) Joey Todd Rundgren Ass
5:Blind Owl* (Evans) Tom Badfinger or Rundgren Unreleased
6:Do You Mind (Molland) Joey Badfinger or Rundgren Unreleased
7:Piano Red (Ham) Pete Badfinger or Rundgren Unreleased
8:Cowboy (Gibbins) Mike Badfinger or Rundgren Ass
9:Regular (Molland) Joey Badfinger or Rundgren Unreleased
10:I Can Love You* (Molland) Joey Todd Rundgren Unreleased
11:Timeless (Ham) Pete Badfinger or Rundgren Unreleased

*These tracks are basically the same as the released versions; overdubs/remixing has been done by Chris Thomas

My comments:

After completing the second version of Straight Up Badfinger wanted to do an album back to basics (rock'n roll/blues). Straight Up had very much been a studio-album which was a bit away from their live act.

The first recordings began in September 1972 and continued till January 73. To begin with Rundgren produced, but the band really wanted to produce themselves so the last recordings were done without an outside producer.

These recordings really show that they lived up to their intentions. There is a rough/live feel to most of these tracks; maybe even more on some of the outtakes from the album: Tom's Rock'n Roll and Joey's Dreaming. Both tracks were originally intended as bonus track on the CD-reissue along with Regular and Piano Red. A shame they were dropped.

Just like the the first version of Straight Up Apple didn't believe in this first version of the album, so the band had to go back in the studio to do remixing/overdubs and new recordings with producer Chris Thomas. Pete's Piano Red and Joey's Regular were rejected for the final release of Ass; although they both were pretty good they probably did not fit in very well. More surprisingly Do You Mind was also dropped:it seemed perfect for the album. Though these recordings are very interesting Apple was probably right in rejecting them (apart from Do You Mind); The released version of "Ass" is a stronger album. Still, this original version is also so strong that it ought to be released some day.

My favourites: Apple of My Eye, When I Say, Blind Owl, Do You Mind and Timeless

Other good songs: Piano Red and Regular

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 6

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