Apple Rarities

- Note! This is not an album - it's just a list of tracks from the Apple archives for a possible rarities album.

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Producer: Notes:
1:No Matter What (Ham) Pete Mal Evans Early version
2:I Can't Take It (Ham) Pete Mal Evans Early version
3:Get Down (Badfinger) Tom and Joey Mal Evans Early version
4:Without You (Ham/Evans) Pete and Tom Mal Evans Early version
5:We're For The Dark (Ham) Pete Geoff Emerick Acetate version
6:I Can't Take It (Ham) Pete Geoff Emerick Acetate version
7:No Good At All (Evans) Tom Geoff Emerick Original Straight Up
8:Sweet Tuesday Morn. (Molland) Joey Geoff Emerick Original Straight Up
9:Baby Please (Ham/Gibbins/Molland) Pete Geoff Emerick Original Straight Up
10:Name Of The Game (Ham) Pete Rundgren/Kooper Unreleased single
11:Do You Mind (Molland) Joey Rundgren Alternate version
12:Dreaming (Molland) Joey Rundgren Ass outtake
13:Rock'n Roll (Evans) Tom Rundgren Ass outtake
14:Piano Red (Ham) Pete Rundgren Original Ass
15:Regular (Molland) Joey Rundgren/Badfinger Original Ass
16:Timeless (Ham) Pete Rundgren/Badfinger Original Ass
17:Cowboy (Gibbins) Mike Badfinger/Rundgren Alternate version
18:Apple Of My Eye (Ham) Pete Rundgren Original Ass
19:When I Say (Evans) Tom Rundgren Original Ass
20:Coppertone Blues (instr.) (Ham)
21:Oh Wow* (Evans) Tom Chris Thomas Badfinger demo/outtake
22:Queen of Darkness* (Evans) Tom Chris Thomas Wish You Were Here demo

*With kind permission from Warner Brothers

My comments:

This "collection" of songs will obviously never be released in this form, but some of it may eventually be released if the general interest in Badfinger keeps growing.

A few comments to some of the tracks: The acetate version of I Can't Take It is actually better than the LP-version; a better feel and somehow more rhytmic. The alternate version of Do You Mind is also better than the released version ( more voices / keyboard ). Oh Wow and Queen Of Darkness are from The Warner Years and it is more than doubtful that they'll ever appear on an Apple release. Sing For The Song and Baby Please are real great tracks; a big shame they have not been released a long time ago.

Tracks that should be given first priority for a Rarities release: Sing For The Song, No Good At All, Baby Please, Do You Mind (alt.), Dreaming, Piano Red, Regular and I Can't Take It ( acetate)

Second priority: Without You (early), Rock'n Roll, When I Say (alt.) and Apple of My Eye (alt.)

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: ??

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