Apple Box Badfinger Rarities

- First released in 2010 - Apple Sapcor 30 - LC 0542

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1: Dear Angie (Griffiths) Ron 2.32
2: Think About the Good Times (Gibbins) Mike 2.21
3: No Escaping Your Love (Evans) Tom 2.00
4: Arthur (Evans) Tom 3.14
5: Storm in a Teacup (Evans) Tom 2.28
6: Yesterday Ain't Coming Back (Ham/Evans) Pete 2.55
7: Love Me Do (Molland) Instr. 2.55
8: Get Down - long version (Ham/Evans/Gibbins/Molland) Tom 5.12
9: Money (Evans) Tom 4.20
10: Flying (Evans/Molland) Joey 2.24
11: Perfection (Ham) Pete 4.38
12: Suitcase (Molland) Joey 3.15
13: Sweet Tuesday Morning (Molland) Joey 2.31
14: Mean, Mean Jemima (Molland ) Joey 3.41
15: Loving You (Gibbins) Mike 2.51
16: Get Away - alt. (Molland) Joey 3.30
17: When I Say - alt. (Evans) Tom 3.12
18: The Winner - alt. (Molland) Joey 3.14
19: I Can Love You - alt. (Molland) Joey 3.35
20: Piano Red (Ham) Pete 3.29

My comments:

This is obviously a release for hard-core Badfinger collectors - given that you need to buy the 17 CD Apple Boxset to get hold of it. My reason for buying it, was that I thought I mmust have a regular CD version of Pete Ham's "Piano Red" - no matter that it's not up to his usual high standards. I also thought that the remastered version of the Emerick-produced "Perfection", would be a nice treat. This version is by far better than the rhytmically sloppy version on "Straight Up"

There are obviously many other great moments on this 20 tracks CD, which also features the other Emerick-produced songs that were not included on the 2010 version of "Straight Up". A heavy version of "Get Down" is interesting, but it does go on for a little too long. Also interesting to hear to the instrumental version of "Love Me Do" - this version for me works much better here without the silly lyrics and Molland's flat vocals.

My favourites: Perfection and When I Say

Other very good songs: Money, Loving You and Mean, Mean Jemima

Of 10 possible stars I would give this "album": 4

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