After The Pearl - Joey Molland solo

- First released in 1983, on Earthtone Records (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Here Comes Heartache (Molland) Joey 3.41
2:Too Late To Cry (Molland) Joey 3.47
3:Moolah Rey (Molland) Joey 3.07
4:In My Heart (Molland) Joey 2.32
5:All My Lovin' (Molland) Joey 2.39
6:Life Song (Molland) Joey 3.51
7:What Happened (Molland) Joey 4.16
8:Mean, Mean Jemina (Molland) Joey 3.51
9:Dreams of Thunder (Molland) Joey 4.03

My comments:

This was Joey Molland's first solo album, released in 1983 shortly after Badfinger's final breakup. The album is mostly mainstream pop/rock tunes, typical of that period. Here Comes Heartache is a fine opener; built up on a very catchy riff. The second track is one of the highlights; Too Late to Cry is a melodic also ballad with a very catchy guitar-riff. Moolah Rey is a straigtforward rocker - a bit monotonous. In My Heart bring the album back on the right track; another pretty ballad in an interesting arrangement. All My Lovin is another uptempo track - quite forgettable. Life Song comes next -the album loses steam - an anonymous track in a commercial arrangement that doesn't help the song. What Happpened is a very good track; unfortunately the production of Joey's voice is not very good ( not loud enough and a bit unclear) Mean, Mean Jemina an old blues track from the Apple-days is performed in a boogie version . the original was better. The album closes with another very good track: Dreams of Thunder - actually the only track where the guitar really shines.

A general problem on this album is that it lacks variety in the vocals - the magnificent blend of vocals from Badfinger is missing here. Joey's voice would be helped a lot if he had had used other voices on the album too. He did that later on The Pilgrim. A few more guitartracks like Dreams of Thunder would also have lifted the album above average.

My favourites:Too Late To Cry, In My Heart and Dreams of Thunder

Other very good songs: Here Comes Heartache and What Happened

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 5

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