Taylor Dickson


March 29 - 2002




Here's My Collection:

The Ultimate Collection:

1:See Saw Granpa
2:Knocking Down Our Home
3:Beautiful And Blue
4:Sali Bloo
5:Iīve Been Waiting
6:Come And Get It
7:Midnight Sun
8:Carry On Till Tomorrow
9:Rock Of All Ages
10:Storm In a Teacup
11:No Matter What
12:Love Me Do
13:Without You
14:Better Days
15:It Had To Be
16:Weīre For The Dark
17:Iīll Be The One
18:Baby Blue
19:Iīd Die Babe 
20:Name Of The Game
21:Sweet Tuesday Morning
22:Day After Day
23:Itīs Over
24:Baby Please
25:Sing For The Song
26:No Good At All
27:Apple Of My Eye
28:Get Away
29:The Winner
30:Blind Owl

CD 2:
1:I Can Love You
2:Do You Mind
3:Piano Red
5:Do You Mind (alt.)
6:Rockīn Roll
8:Coppertone Blues (instr.)
9:I Miss You
10:Shine On
11:Give It Up
12:Oh Wow
13:Queen Of Darkness
14:Just A Chance
15:Know One Knows
16:Meanwhile Back at The Ranch/Should I Smoke
17:Lay Me Down
18:Mr Manager
20:Look Out California
21:Love Is Gonna Come At Last
22:Donīt Break This Heart Of Mine
23:Come And Get It - Remake
24:Love Is Easy - Remake
25:I Got You
26:Come On
27:Because I Love You
28:No More

CD 3:
1:I Wonīt Forget You
2:Iīve Seen a New Day
3:You And I (Goodfinger)
4:Lay Down(Goodfinger)
5:Catherine Cares
6:It Doesnīt Really Matter
7:No Matter What (demo)
8:Just How Lucky We Are
10:Just a Chance (demo)
11:Know One Knows (demo)
12:Without You (If Itīs Love)
13:Shine On (demo)
14:Iīve Waited So Long To Be Free
15:Iīm So Lonely
16:Piano Red (demo)
17:Without You (If Itīs Love - book CD)
18:Without You (I Canīt Live - book CD)
19:Carry On Till Tomorrow (demo - book CD)
20:It Doesnīt Really Matter (Book-CD)
21:The Rain
22:Iīve Been Waiting
23:Here Comes Heartache
24:Dreams Of Thunder
25:No One Likes The Rain
26:Hard Times
27:Isnīt That a Dream (Timeless)

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