Scott Dickerson


August 5. 2002



Permissive Paradise - The Pleasure Garden - The Iveys - Fantastic Man! like this much better.. donīt forget "Fisherman" is a different mix on Magic Christian Music than on Maybe Tomorrow... I placed my favorites rares from first to about 52...some added later..and then placed my favorite availables after that..Iīm more inclined to put only what is not available first and added only a few at the end seeings this is for a rarities box...looks like Apple canīt ignore us now.
I do have to say that searching for 25 years now and I see there were a few in the rares category that I havenīt heard before..see..this is why us Badfinger fans are so upset...Elvis has everything that gets discovered released and it is always gobbled up..I think personally that if only Apple would make a series of four or five discs of the unreleased stuff and release them ONE BY ONE with time in between each one of the series would be a success ... I say this only because I KNOW FOR A FACT people will look at the 50 dollar or more price tag and just pass over it because it will be too expensive. I really wish this whole thing would have been slowed down a bit into volumes instead of one big set... the BOX SET days of rockīn roll are gone. People donīt want 25 hours of music at once anymore nor at this time can anyone really afford it..still havenīt enough money to get any of Mikeīs solos, Joeyīs newest one or Basil even, or the Tribute album.. The record companies have priced themselves right our of an audience and I was one of the biggest supporters.. I guess Iīll just have to be happy with what I got for when and if the box set does come out I will have to spend so much time saving up for it that it will be discontinued for lack of sales.. ah, thatīs a bitter pilll I guess only the people with a lot of money can get the music that was INTENDED for everyone.
Donīt forget that Joey was in Gary Walker in the 60īs and that Heavy Jelly had backing by Badfinger...oh How about Here Comes the Sun with Pete Ham and George Harrison from Concert for Bangladesh?... also there is a credit on the back of Leon Redbone - Champagne Charlie that reads Tom Evans - Clarinet.. canīt find out anywhere if itīs the same Tom Evans or not... one last note.. I read somewhere before that Rod Roach picked only 11 tunes of Tomīs for Over You and that there were more in the vaults but needed a lot of work...might be a goood project for someone to finish up the last works of Tom, too...
I wish I were a big person in the Badfinger world but alas I am only a mere fan.. I have nothing special to offer but some hear say info... met Joey in person twice, but it was just autograph signing.. wish I could have hung with the guys and watched them as a friend instead of as just one faceless soul at their gigs....really felt close to these guys .. Joey did tell me that the second chorus of Why donīt we Talk second time they sing it they say "Why not Eat Pork" .. just to be funny and slip something personal for the true fans... I thought it was neat and after listening to it again I have to say they REALLY DO sing that.
Thanx for your time and consideration in all this and I wish the best for you..hope it all goes well and I hope I see it in the CD stores soon... wonīt be able to afford it but itīll be good enough for me to know that FINALLY, at least--- itīs AVAILABLE...27 years after Pete dies...sure took them long enough to consider recognizing the poor guy...hope he and Tommy are looking down now smiling... I think they would be happy and approve...donīt you?

The Ultimate Collection:

1. Permissive Paradise - The Pleasure Garden
2. Surrender - The Iveys
3. Don't Know What You're Doing (Ver 1) - The Dodgers
4. Dear Angie - (flip side 45 version mono mix - different)
5. Carry On Till Tomorrow - (45 edit)
6. Baby Please - (promised yet unreleased)
7. No Good At All - (promised yet unreleased)
8. Sing For The Song - (promised yet unreleased)
9. Name Of The Game - (45 edit - promised yet unreleased)
10. Sweet Tuesday Morning - (version 1)
11. No Dice Advertisement
12. Wish You Were Here Advertisement
13. Down - The Dodgers
14. Happy - Joey Molland
15. Timeless - (alt)
16. Day After Day - (alt)
17. Blind Owl - (alt)
18. Baby Blue - (alt)
19. When I Say - (alt)
20. Country Straw
21. Cowboy - (instr.)
22. Better Days - (45 edit)
23. Come And Get It - (1978 K-Tel Rerecording)
24. Paul McCartney Reflects On Badfinger
25. I Can't Take It - (demo)
26. We're For The Dark - (acetate)

27. The Girl Next Door In The Mini Skirt - The Iveys 28. Sail Away - (demo) 29. The Dreamer - (demo) 30. Come Down Hard - (demo) 31. Hold On - (demo) 32. Three Time Loser - (demo) 33. Rock And Roll Contract - (demo) 34. Come Come Tomorrow - (Pete Solo from Japan edition) 35. Sweet Josephine - (Pete Solo absolutely missing everywhere) 36. Dawn - (Pete solo) 37. The Rain - (Tom Solo) 38. Do You Mind - (ver 1) or 2 ... the one with backing vocals 39. Take Me To The Water - Jackie Lomax and Badfinger as Heavy Jelly 40. Because I Love You - (demo) 41. The Winner - (demo) 42. St. Louis Blues - Natural Gas 43. Here Comes Heartache - Joey Molland 44. Moolah Rey - Joey Molland 45. No One Likes The Rain - Joey Molland 46. Love On The Rebound - The Dodgers 47. Thoughts Of An Old Man - Gary Walker And The Rain 48. Give It Up - (alt) 49. Oh Wow - (unreleased) 50. My Dark Hour - (unreleased) 51. Love Is Easy - (remake)
52. Crimson Ship 53. Midnight Sun 54. Rock Of All Ages - (The Magic Christian Soundtrack Version) 55. I Can't Take It 56. Timeless 57. I Got You 58. Passin' Time 59. Turn Around 60. Island 61. All The Way - Joey Molland 62. Feelin' Alright - (live) 63. Suitcase - (Rock Concert TV Appearance) 64. Andy Norris (just who exactly WAS this guy?????) 65. Dennis (the most amazingly overlooked badfinger song) 66. Love Time 67. Constitution 68. Believe Me 69. I'd Die Babe 70. Just A Chance 71. Passed Fast 72. Give It Up 73. The Christmas Song - Natural Gas 74. Don't Let Me Be Wrong (ver 1) - The Dodgers 75. Get To You - The Dodgers 76. Love Can't Hide 77. Long Long Way Back Home - Joey Molland 78. I Wonīt Forget You 79. Crocadillo 80. No More (fitting to place it at the end)

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