Rodney Griffith


September 7, 2002



I īll have a go at the Boxset survey, although instead of a boxed set, I'd prefer to see all of the Apple CDs (from Maybe Tomorrow to Very Best of) reisued in Japanese-style LP sleeve reproductions with an extra disc of Apple-era rarities.

The Ultimate Collection:

1.Man Without a Heart
2.The Girl Next Door in a Mini-Skirt
3.I'll Kiss You Goodnight
4.The Leaves
5.Sausage and Eggs
7.Tube Train
8.Permissive Paradise
9.She Came Out Of The Cold
10.Storm In a Teacup
11.See Saw Granpa
12.Maybe Tomorrow
13.And Her Daddy's a Millionaire
14.Dear Angie
15.Beautiful and Blue
16.They're Knocking Down Our Home
17.Maybe Tomorrow (BBC Version)
18.Come And Get It
19.Carry On Till Tomorrow
20.Rock Of All Ages
21.No Matter What
22.Love Me Do
23.Midnight Caller
24.We're For The Dark
25.I'll Be The One
26.Baby Please
27.Take It All
28.Baby Blue - single version
29.Name Of The Game - bonus
30.Day After Day
31.Perfection - bonus version
32.Apple Of My Eye
34.Cowboy - instr.
35.Blind Owl
36.When I Say
38.Coppertone Blues- instr.
39.Do You Mind - alt.
40.Piano Red
43.Shine On
45.Matted Spam
46.Just a Chance
47.Got To Get Out Of Here
48.Know One Knows
50.Rock'n Roll Contract
51.Keep Believing
52.Man Without a Heart (Pete demo)
53.They're Knocking Down Our Home (Pete demo)
54.And I Love Her ( Pete )
55.Stop Waiting For The Sun ( Pete )
56.Coppertone Blues ( 7PA )
57.No Matter What ( 7PA )
59.Goodbye John Frost
60.Monday Morning Blues ( Pete )
61.No. Don't Let It Go ( Pete )
62.Blind Owl (Tommy demo)

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