Leland Moore


July 10 , 2002




Note that, while I observed chronology to some extent, I also sought to program on the basis of sensibility ... particularly on CD Three. I also pretended, for the sake of this compilation, that mixing in solo trax from any source was OK.

My "dream" compilation for a three-CD Ultimate Badfinger collection:

CD One

1. Midnight Sun
2. Crimson Ship
3. Walk Out in the Rain
4. Come and Get It
5. Love Me Do"
6. I Don't Mind
7. Blodwyn
8. We're for the Dark (Live BBC)
9. It Had to Be
10. Believe Me
11. No Matter What
12. Take It All
13. Suitcase
14. Without You
15. Baby Blue
16. Perfection
17. It's Over
18. Sweet Tuesday Morning
19. Name of the Game
20. Sometimes
21. Fisherman
22. Day After Day

CD Two

1. Apple of My Eye
2. Icicles
3. When I Say
4. Do You Mind? (bonus cut from Ass)
5. Blind Owl (Day After Day -- Badfinger Live)
6. I Can Love You
7. Regular (Unreleased version on Complete Ass)
8. Shine on
9. Give It Up
10. Why Don't We Talk?
11. Lonely You
12. Song for a Lost Friend
13. Andy Norris
14. King of the Load
15. Gotta Get Out of Here
16. Know One Knows
17. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke?
18. Your So Fine
19. In the Meantime/Some Other Time
20. Dennis

CD Three

1. Only You Know and I Know (BBC Live, with Allan Black's intro included)
2. Keep Believing
3. Rockin' Machine
4. Mr. Manager
5. Saville Row/Moonshine
6. Back Again
7. Love Is Gonna Come
8. Airwaves/Look Out California
9. The Dreamer
10. Hold On
11. Matted Spam (Pete Ham, 7 Park Avenue)
12. You and I (Tommy Evans, Over You)
13. Come Back (bonus cut from No Dice)
14. Dear Father (Pete Ham, 7 Park Avenue)
15. Coppertone Blues (Pete Ham, 7 Park Avenue)
16. All Caught Up (Joey Molland, Pilgrim CD)
17. This and That (Joey Molland, Pilgrim CD)
18. Makes Me Feel Good (Pete Ham, Golders Green)
19. Carry on Till Tomorrow (Magic Christian LP)
20. Dawn (Pete Ham, Golders Green)
21. No More (Say No More LP)
22. I'll Be the One (bonus cut from No Dice)

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