Juan de Dios Diaz-Barco Rioja


February 7 2017




I really like the band, it is shame they couldn't continue because of tragedy, however they made unforgettable songs.

The Ultimate Collection:

About my favourite songs, I like:
1. "Baby Blue", 
2. "Believe Me", 
3. "Better Days", 
4. "Carry On 'Til Tomorrow", 
5. "Day after Day", 
6. "Hold on",  
7. "I won't Forget You", of course 
8. "Lost Inside your Love", 
9. "Love Is Gonna Come At Last", 
10 "Maybe Tomorrow", 
11. "No Matter What", 
12. "Suitcase", 
13. "Sweet Tuesday Morning",
14. "Take It All" 
15. "Without You".


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