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August 23, 2006 - 2006-08-23 12:13:49 PDT



I pretty much stuck to the proper albums (CD releases) because that's all I've heard. That "Live in 1982" sounds like it would be fun to listen to. I'm not familiar with the cd's included with the Mantovina book, or any bootlegs. I wasn't that impressed with any of the Rykodisc releases (Pilgrim, Golder's Green, Day After Day). So, the only commercially unreleased stuff I included came from the "Better Days" compilation. I should take a look at other peoples' lists, to see if there's something I really need to check out. In the meantime (no pun intended) I'm pretty happy with my 72.

The Ultimate Collection:

1. See Saw Granpa
2. Think About The Good Times
3. Sali Bloo
4. No Escaping Your Love
5. Maybe Tomorrow
6. I'm In Love
7. Mrs Jones
8. And Her Daddy's a Millionaire
9. Storm In a Teacup
10. Arthur
11. Come And Get It
12. Crimson Ship
13. Midnight Sun
14. Carry On Till Tomorrow
15. Rock Of All Ages
16. No Matter What
17. I Can't Take It
18. Love Me Do
19. Midnight Caller
20. Without You
21. We're For The Dark
22. Mean Mean Jemima
23. I'll Be The One
24. Take It All
25. Baby Blue
26. Name Of The Game
27. Day After Day
28. Sometimes
29. Perfection
30. It's Over
31. Baby Please
32. No Good At All
33. Sing For The Song
34. Apple Of My Eye
35. Icicles
36. Blind Owl
37. Constitution
38. When I Say
39. I Can Love You
40. Timeless
41. Piano Red
42. Regular
43. I Miss You
44. Shine On
45. Love Is Easy
46. Song For a Lost Friend
47. Matted Spam
48. My Heart Goes Out
49. Lonely You
50. Give It Up
51. Just a Chance
52. Know One Knows
53. Dennis
54. In The Meantime
55. Some Other Time
56. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch
57. Should I Smoke
58. Lay Me Down
59. Keep Believing
60. Passed Fast
61. Rock'n Roll Contract
62. Mr Manager
63. Airwaves
64. Look Out California
65. Lost Inside Your Love
66. Love Is Gonna Come At Last
67. Sympathy
68. I Got You
69. Hold On
70. Because I Love You
71. Rock'n Roll Contract
72. No More

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