Joe Pellegrino


April 22, 1999




Here's my list of a two disc Apple collection.

The Ultimate Collection:

Disc One: 

1)   Maybe Tomorrow (mono),
2)   (And Her) Daddy's A Millionaire (mono),
3)   Dear Angie (mono),
4)   No Escaping Your Love (mono),
5)   Mrs. Jones (mono)
6)   Storm In A Teacup (mono)
7)   Come And Get It (single)
8)   Rock Of All Ages (single)
9)   Crimson Ship
10)  Beautiful And Blue
11)  Midnite Sun (pitch corrected)
12)  No Matter What (early version)
13)  Carry On Till Tomorrow (single edit)
14)  I'll Be The One (alt. mix)
15)  Better Days (single edit)
16)  Without You (alt. mix)
17)  I Don't Mind (alt. mix)
18)  We're For The Dark
19)  My Dark Hour (unreleased)
19)  Only You Know And I Know (unreleased)
20)  Believe Me (alt. mix)
21)  No Good At All (unreleased)

Disc Two: 

1)   Day After Day (single)
2)   Sweet Tuesday Morning (single)
3)   Sing For The Song (unreleased)
4)   Piano Red (unreleased)
5)   Name Of The Game (single)
6)   Suitcase (single)
7)   Baby Blue 
8)   Sometimes
9)   I'd Die Babe 
10)  Baby Please (unreleased) 
11)  Take It All
12)  It's Over
13)  Apple Of My Eye (single)
14)  Blind Owl (single)
15)  Icicles
16)  When I Say
17)  The Winner
18)  He's A Regular (unreleased)
19)  Do You Mind? (early version)
20)  Timeless (alt. mix)

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