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Friday, 14 October 2005 - 03:54:25 EDT




Peter was for me, one of thee most brilliant musicians I have EVER had witness to see perform....and meet. I remain a devotée to his brilliance and talent as long as I breathe. It was a catastrophe of epic prepositions which lead up to and finally caused his untimely death!

I love the following:

The Ultimate Collection:

1. Here Comes The Sun (duet with George Harrison from Concert for Bangladesh)
2. They're Knocking Down Our Home
3. Dear Angie
4. Carry On Till Tomorrow
5. Come and Get it
6. Crimson Ship
7. No Matter What
8. Blodwyn
9. Without You
10. We're For The Dark
11. Take It All
12. Day After Day
13. Sweet Tuesday Morning
14. Baby Blue
15. Name Of The Game
16. Love Is Easy
17. My Heart Goes Out
18. Lost Inside Your Love
19. Don't Let Me Be Wrong ( early )
20. Get To You
21. Just Want To Love You ( early )
22. Don't Know What You're Doing ( early )
23. I've Been Waiting
24. Miracle Mile
25. Catherine Cares 
26. Coppertone Blues 
27. It Doesn't Really Matter 
28. Live Love All Of Your Day 
29. Would You Deny 	
30. Dear Father 	 
31. Matted Spam 	
32. No Matter What 	
33. Leaving On A Midnight Tra 	
34. Weep Baby 	
35. Hand In Hand 
36. Sille Veb 	
37. I Know That You Should 
38. Island 	
39. Just Look Inside The Cover 
40. Just How Lucky We Are 
41. No More 	
42. Ringside 
43. Just A Chance 
44. Heart That Can't Be Understood
45. Come Come Tomorrow
46. Blessing In Disguise  
47. Know One Knows 	  	  

Eeeee gadz...I can't do it. There are too many to list. I wanna put everything here. I will have to come back after I play the others solo stuff.  = /

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