Grant Nesmith


January 7 - 2006



I absolutely looooove badfinger. Last may, I was only 15 Im a huge fan of the Beatles so when I heard Joey Molland's Badfinger was coming to town, I was like, hey Ill check them out, ya know, they were connected with the Beatles and stuff. So I heard them and I was absolutely blown away. I hung out with joey and the guys backstage for like two hours chatting and everything. So immediately I got a Badfinger greatest hits album the next day. I was simply amazed with their melodies, harmonys and guitar work. I was craving new stuff and anyways now I own Magic Christian Music, No Dice, Straight Up, and Wish you Were Here, and I listen to Badfinger all the time. I think they are far better than the Beatles even though some might call me crazy. I'm turning 16 next February and I'm gonna order Ass, Badfinger, 7 park Avenue, Golders Green, and probably Maybe Tomorrow for the Pete Ham stuff that's not on Magic Christian, but anyways, Badfinger is my life!!!!

The Ultimate Collection:

1. Maybe Tomorrow
2. I'm in Love
3. They're Knocking Down our Home
4. Midnight Sun
5. Crimson Ship
6. Midnight Caller
7. We're for the Dark
8. Take it All
9. Perfection
10. Money
11. Flying
12. Name of the Game (from Straight up, not the original)
13. Apple of my Eye
14. Song for a Lost Friend
15. Lonely You
16. Dennis
17. You're so Fine 
18. Know one Knows
19. Catherine Cares

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