Frank Natkid


August 25 , 2002



WOW! That's a tough one! I like them all! OK here goes... Obviously songs like 'Day After Day, No Matter What,etc.' are going to always be considered timeless classics. The unusual choices are the ones I'm always interested in. How about ' I've Been waiting' from the Iveys era. 'Suitcase' LIVE from the BBC 72-73 tapes. This is Pete Ham on guitar at his best. 'Shine On' a great feel good song. 'Baby Please'... I don't know how this GREAT rocker got left off the 'Straight Up 'album. My last choice would be a "cleaned up "version of the rare acetate ' For My Sympathy'. That's a COOL song!!!

The Ultimate Collection:

1.   For My Sympathy
2.   I've Been waiting
3.   Maybe Tomorrow 
4.   They're Knocking Down Our Home
5.   Dear Angie
6.   Crimson Ship
7.   Midnight Sun 
8.   Rock Of All Ages
9.   Carry On Till Tomorrow
10. Come and Get It
11. It Had To Be
12. I Donít Mind
13. Midnight Caller
14. No Matter What
15. Without You
16. Believe Me 
17. Weíre For The Dark
18. I Canít Take It
19. Blodwyn
20. Iíll Be The One
21. Sing For The Song
22. Baby Please
23. Take It All 
24. Baby Blue 
25. Sweet Tuesday Morning 
26. Name of The Game
27. Day After Day
28. Itís Over
29. Money 
30. Icicles
31. Blind Owl
32. When I Say
33. Timeless
34. Apple Of My Eye
35. I Miss You 
36. Shine On
37. Song For a Lost Friend 
38. Lonely You
39. Why Don't We Talk 
40. Where Do We Go From Here 
41. Just a Chance
42. Youíre So Fine
43. Dennis 
44. Know One Knows 
45. In The Meantime
46. Some Other Time 
47. King Of The Load
48. Meanwhile Back at The Farm
49. Should I Smoke
50. Lay Me Down 
51. Keep Believing
52. Passed Fast
53. Moonshine
54. Rockín Roll Contract 
55. Hey Mr Manager
56. Airwaves
57. Look Out California 
58. Lost Inside Your Love
59. Love Is Gonna Come At Last
60. Sail Away
61. Hold On
62. Too Hung Up On You
63. Because I Love You 
64. I Wonít Forget You
65. Catherine Cares
66. It Doesnīt Really Matter
67. Makes Me Feel Good
68. Over You
69. Suitcase - BBC

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