Francesca Miller


March 27, 2005



There are too many outstanding and important Badfinger outtakes and alternate track listings to list. Maybe we can start a file sharing service. Badfinger is the most overlooked band in rock history. We need to keep Pete and Tommy's memories alive. I am going to quote Ken Sharp who captured exactly what I want to say about Pete Ham:

"There exists a deep and rich spiritual core that distinctly characterized Pete's work, further uniting artist and listener. Never afraid of revealing his most personal feelings in his music, Pete´s songs ring out like a vivid and detailed commentary of his life; through the heartbreak and the triumph, the listener is rewarded with an alternately bittersweet and joyous musical sound-track. One must not forget the magnificence of Pete Ham, the musician. Indeed, Pete was criminally underrated as a guitarist. It is almost incomprehensible to realize that he was only twentyseven when he left this mortal coil. "

You have made us feel good, Pete. Thank you for all the inspiring, uplifting music you've given us, which we honor now, and which will be cherished for generations to come. Bless you for sharing your joy and pain, revealing the depths of your soul, and for being such a treasured mu-sical companion. And thank you for being such a good friend to so many. May you rest in peace, my friend.

The Ultimate Collection:

1. Sali Bloo
2. Dear Angie
3. Come and Get It
4. Midnight Sun
5. Carry on Till Tomorrow
6. No Matter What
7. I Don't Mind
8. Midnight Caller
9. Without You
10. Blodwyn
11. Watford John
12. Believe Me
13. I'll be the One
14. Mean Mean Jemima
15. Loving You
16. Friends Are Hard to Find
17. Take It All
18. Baby Blue
19. Money
20. Name of the Game
21. Sweet Tuesday Morning
22. Day After Day
23. Perfection
24. It's Over
25. Money-Original version
26. Name of the Game-Original version 
27. Suitcase-Original version 
28. Perfection-Original version 
29. Perfection-Preliminary version 
30. No Good At All
31. Sweet Tuesday Morning-original version 
32. Baby Please 
33. Sing for the Song
34. Apple of My Eye
35. Icicles
36. Blind Owl
37. Constitution
38. When I Say
39. I Can Love You
40. Do You mind 
41. Blind Owl-alternate take
42. I Can Love You (Alt. Take - take 7)
43. Shine On
44. Why Don't we Talk
45. My Heart Goes Out
46. Lonely You
47. Just a Chance
48. You're So Fine
49. Got to Get Out of Here
50. Dennis
51. Love Time
52. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
53. Keep Believing
54. No Matter What (7 Park Avenue)
55. Just Look Inside the Cover (7 Park)
56. Just a Chance (7 Park Avenue)
57. Know One Knows (7 Park Avenue)
58. Blessing in Disguise
59. Come Come Tomorrow
60. Makes me feel Good-faster, 2nd vers.
61. Pete's Walk (Golders Green)
62. I'll Kiss you Goodnight (Golders Green)
63. Shine On (Golders Green)
64. Midnight Caller (Golders Green)
65. Evening Sky (Pete Ham demo)
66. Take It All (Demo) (Without you Bio.)
67. Blind Owl (Demo) (Without You Bio.
68. Blind Owl (BBC)
69. Suitcase (BBC)
70. Midnight Sun (Iveys at the Beeb)
71. I can't live (Tommy Evans demo)

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