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In my attempt to create a both user-friendly and deep-digging box set, I added the entirety of the Day After Day Live album, which I figured would seem like something a record company would do. However, this skewed the whole favorite album thing, because my favorite album by Badfinger is actually a three-way tie between Straight Up, the self-titled album, and Wish You Were Here. I consider their best, by far, to be Wish You Were Here, though.

DISC 1: Apple

1. Sali Bloo 
2. See Saw Granpa 
3. And Her Daddy's a Millionaire (alt.) 
4. They're Knocking Down Our Home 
5. Beautiful and Blue 
6. Maybe Tomorrow 
7. I'm In Love 
8. Rock of All Ages 
9. Walk Out in the Rain 
10. Carry On Till Tomorrow 
11. Arthur 
12. No Matter What 
13. I Can't Take It 
14. Without You 
15. Baby Blue 
16. Suitcase 
17. Day After Day 
18. No Good At All 
19. Name of the Game 
20. I'd Die Babe 
21. Take It All 
22. Perfection 
23. Timeless 
24. Apple of My Eye 

DISC 2: Warner Brothers, Elektra and Radio

1. Song For a Lost Friend
2. Shine On 
3. Where Do We Go From Here 
4. Matted Spam 
5. Why Don't We Talk 
6. Andy Norris 
7. Miss You 
8. Got To Get Out of Here 
9. Dennis 
10. Just a Chance 
11. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch 
12. Should I Smoke 
13. Lay Me Down 
14. The Dreamer 
15. Love is Gonna Come at Last 
16. Airwaves 
17. Look Out California 
18. Hold On
19. Rock 'n Roll Contract 
20. No More 

DISC 3 - Rarities and Misc.

1. Without You (If It's Love) (book version)
2. Bittersweet Adieu 
3. Matted Spam (Live BBC) 
4. Come and Get It (Ron Griffiths Vocal) 
5. Man Without a Heart (book 2nd)
6. They're Knocking Down Our Home (book 2nd)
7. Isn't That a Dream (Timeless)
8. Over You 
9. I've Been Waiting (Natural Gas)
10. Shine On (Golders Green)
11. Without You/If It's Love (Golders Green)
12. Where Do We Go From Here (Alt.)
13. Lay Me Down (Demo) 
14. No Matter What (7PA)
15. Come and Get It - Rerecorded 
16. Carry On Till Tomorrow (book)
17. Sometimes (Day After Day)
18. I Don't Mind (Day After Day)
19. Blind Owl (Day After Day)
20. Give it Up (Day After Day)
21. Constitution (Day After Day)
22. Baby Blue (Day After Day)
23. Name of the Game (Day After Day)
24. Day After Day (Day After Day)
25. Timeless (Day After Day)
26. I Can't Take It (Day After Day)
27. Hold On (Indiana 82)
28. Without You (Indiana 82)

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