Doug Stalnaker


April 24, 1999



Three compact discs containing twenty tracks each would comprise my ultimate Badfinger collection. I would select songs from the Iveys/Badfinger era covering the years 1968-1975 only. As a bit of a twist I would present the songs in reverse order. I do this for two reasons, the first being that the listener begins by hearing Badfinger at their peak just before the tragedy of Pete Ham's suicide and finishes hearing the group when they were the Iveys, their future was bright, and their hope was "someday we'll be known." Secondly I like this reverse-linear track selection because it allows the listener to hear the group's evolution in reverse sequence, with each progressive change and 'evolution' in their sound and songwriting being slowly stripped away until one ends with were it all started. An odd sort of 'peeling away the tree to get to the seed' process which should give all Iveys/Badfinger fans a unique perspective on their favorite band's development. Yeah, sounds crazy, I know, but here goes:

The Ultimate Collection:


 1.  Mr. Manager
 2.  Rock And Roll Contract
 3.  Moonshine
 4.  Passed Fast
 5.  Keep Believing
 6.  Turn Around
 7.  Lay Me Down
 8.  Meanwhile Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke
 9.  In The Meantime/Some Other Time
10.  Dennis
11.  Know One Knows
12.  You're So Fine
13.  Just A Chance
14.  Give It Up
15.  Lonely You
16.  My Heart Goes Out
17.  Matted Spam
18.  Island
19.  Shine On
20.  Timeless

21.  I Can Love You
22.  When I Say
23.  Blind Owl
24.  Icicles
25.  Apple Of My Eye
26.  Piano Red
27.  Do You Mind
28.  It's Over
29.  Perfection
30.  Sometimes
31.  Day After Day
32.  Sweet Tuesday Morning
33.  Suitcase (live)
34.  Name Of The Game
35.  Money/Flying
36.  Baby Blue
35.  Take It All
36.  I'll Be The One
37.  Baby Please
38.  No Good At All
39.  Sing For The Song
40.  We're For The Dark

41.  Believe Me
42.  It Had To Be
43.  Blodwyn
44.  Without You
45.  No Matter What
46.  Midnight Caller
47.  I Don't Mind
48.  I Can't Take It
49.  Maybe Tomorrow
50.  Knocking Down Our Home
51.  Walk Out In The Rain
52.  Carry On Till Tomorrow
53.  Rock Of All Ages
54.  Dear Angie
55.  Crimson Ship
56.  Come And Get It
57.  I've Been Waiting
58.  Sali Bloo
59.  See-Saw Grandpa
60.  Sausage And Eggs

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