David Reynolds


March 9 - 2003




Sorry, I couldnt think chronologically after #68! I'd fill it out with live tracks, or unknown Apple alternates, like the session for "Day After Day"s slide parts, maybe Lennons sessions for Jealous Guy. Thanks for all the efforts!

The Ultimate Collection:

Maybe Tomorrow
Knocking Down Our Home
Her Daddys a Millionaire
Maybe Tomorrow (BBC)
Come and Get It
Rock of All Ages
Rock of all Ages (version with Paul Mac and Tom both singing?)
Crimson Ship
Come and Get It (BBC)
Believe Me
No Matter What
Midnight Caller
We're For the Dark
I'll Be The One
Sing For the Song
Better Days
Baby Blue (LP)
Day After Day
Take It All
I'd Die Babe
Baby Blue (US Single mix)
Name of the Game (original)
Money-bonus version
Flying-bonus version
Suitcase-bonus version
Sweet Tuesday Morning (Take 1)
Sweet Tuesday Morning
Apple of my Eye
When I Say
Piano Red
Coppertone Blues
Lonely You
Song for a Lost Friend
Love is Easy
Shine On
Just a Chance
In the Meantime
Some Other Time
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
Should I Smoke
Queen of Darkness
Lay Me Down
Rock and Roll Contract
Mr. Manager
Passed Fast
I Believe its Love ( Natural Gas )
Love is Gonna Come At Last
The Dreamer
Sail Away
Because I Love You
Passin' Time
Too Hung Up On you
Catherine Cares
No More
Ringside ( 7PA)
Just How Lucky We Are
Evening Sky
It Takes So Long
Sausage and Eggs
Day After Day (unfinished)
You and I
Isnt That a Dream

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