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January 9, 2004




The snippet on The Concert For Bangladesh in which George Harrison introduces Badfinger. I would end CD #1 with this snippet (after track 24). I designed my list as 3 24 -song CD's. Tracks # 1, 25 and 49 are the first songs of each CD. The total length of the tracks may exceed allowable limits on CD's but I have ignored that for this list. I decided to exclude all of the solo material because it seemed out of place. The solo material is missing all of the great harmonies between the members and Pete's stuff seemed too different from the others to appear on the same CD. Most of his stuff was recorded in the late 1960's/early 1970's while much of the other material was recorded in the 1990's or later. The production on all of the solo work varies tremendously. Certainly, a Best Of Joey Molland CD would be interesting but not as part of a Badfinger box set.

The Ultimate Collection:

Disc 1: 

1. No Matter What 
2. Maybe Tomorrow
3. See Saw Granpa
4. Beautiful And Blue
5. Dear Angie
6. No Escaping Your Love
7. Think About The Good Times
8. I've Been Waiting
9. Come And Get It
10. Crimson Ship
11. Midnight Sun
12. Give It A Try
13. Carry On Till Tomorrow
14. Midnight Caller
15. I Don't Mind
16. Without You
17. Watford John
18. Believe Me
19. We're For The Dark
20. Loving You
21. Friends Are Hard To Find
22. Baby Please
23. Sing For The Song
24. I'll Be The One

Disc 2:

25. Day After Day
26. I'd Die Babe
27. Name Of The Game ( single version )
28. Suitcase
29. Sweet Tuesday Morning
30. Flying
31. Baby Blue (US single version)
32. It's Over
33. Apple Of My Eye
34. Icicles
35. When I Say
36. I Can Love You
37. Blind Owl
38. Do You Mind
39. Shine On
40. My Heart Goes Out
41. Lonely You
42. Give It Up
43. I Miss You
44. Why Don't We Talk?
45. Song For A Lost Friend
46. Island
47. Andy Norris
48. Timeless

Disc 3: 

49. In The Meantime
50. Some Other Time
51. Just A Chance
52. You're So Fine
53. Love Time
54. King Of The Load (T)
55. Dennis
56. Gotta Get Out Of Here
57. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch
58. Should I Smoke
59. Lay Me Down
60. Moonshine
61. Back Again
62. Hey, Mr. Manager
63. Rock And Roll Contract
64. Keep Believing
65. Sail Away
66. Love Is Gonna Come At Last
67. Lost Inside Your Love
68. I Got You
69. Hold On
70. Three Time Loser
71. Too Hung Up On You
72. No More

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