Brennan Engle


April 16, 1999



I don't know about a 3 disc Ultimate Collection....but I do think to get a good representation of Badfinger's best work you would need 2 discs. The greatest hits one and two do a good job of covering the bases, however on greatest hits I would have put in "Midnight Sun" instead of "Dear Angie" and there's not enough of Ass songs, and where is "I Don't Mind"?. Greatest Hits II should have left out "I Miss You" and "Song for a Lost Friend" and included "Hold On" and "Love Is Easy." :

The Ultimate Collection:

1.  Come and Get It
2.  Maybe Tomorrow
3.  Rock Of All Ages
4.  Midnight Sun
5.  Carry On Till Tomorrow
6.  No Matter What
7.  Believe Me
8.  Midnight Caller
9.  Better Days
10. Without You
11. I Donīt Mind
12. Take It All
13. Money
14. Flying
15. Name of The Game
16. Suitcase
17. Day After Day
18. Baby Blue
19. When I Say
20. Icicles
21. I Can Love You
22. Apple Of My Eye

Disc 2
1. Know One Knows 2. Shine On 3. Lonely You 4. Give It Up 5. Love Is Easy 6. Just a Chance 7. Your So Fine 8. Got To Get Out Of Here 9. In The Meantime 10. Some Other Time 11. Meanwhile back at The Ranch 12. Should I Smoke 13. Lay Me Down 14. Passed Fast 15. Keep Believing 16. Moonshine 17. Lost Inside Your Love 18. Love Is Gonna Come At Last 19. Hold On

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