Brenda Watkins


2. august 2002



I completed and submitted my choices. It was fun (if difficult - so many favorites, what to leave out???).

The Ultimate Collection:

Maybe Tomorrow
Sali Bloo
Seesaw Granpa
Dear Angie
They're Knocking Down Our Home (either version)
Come and Get It
Midnight Sun
No Matter What
Love Me Do
It Had to Be
We're for the Dark
Without You (No Dice)
Take it All
Baby Blue
Sweet Tuesday Morning
Day After Day
Perfection (bonus version)
I'd Die Babe
Apple of my Eye
Blind Owl
When I Say
Do You Mind
Shine On
Song for a Lost Friend
Lonely You
Where do We go From Here
Know One Knows
Your So Fine
In the Meantime/Some Other Time
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/should I smoke
Lay Me Down
Turn Around
Keep Believing
Back Again
Keep your Country Tidy
To Say Goodbye
Queen of Darkness
Lost inside Your Love
The Dreamer
Love is Gonna Come at Last
Sail Away
I Got YOu
Three time Loser
No More (say no more)
Little Darling
Dark Cloud
I won't Forget You
Twenty-four Reasons
I Just Want to love you (either)
Don't know what You're Doing (either)
Get to You
It Doesn't Really Matter
Sille Veb
Just Look inside the Cover
Keyhole Street
Pete's Walk
Here Comes Heartache
Dreams of Thunder
Your Eyes
In My Dreams
Isn't That a Dream
Time will Tell Us
Dream Harder
Girl Next Door in a Mini-skirt
Day After day (live)
We're for the Dark (BBC live)
coppertone blues (instrumental)
You and I
Baby Please
No Good At all
I don't Mind (live)
Matted Spam (demo)
Without you (if it's love)
Without You (I can't live)
the Pleaure Garden song!

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