Ben Kuxhouse


December 4, 2001



Here's My 2 CD's Collection. I think 3 discs are too many. It really needs to be the best. Badfinger is not very known. Most people have never heard of them. At least in the US. It needs to be THE BEST; and a lot of Badfinger fans are British and from the sixties and love the early Iveys. Thatīs the mistake on the "Greatest" CDīs out now. Too much early stuff on them. Now with 35-40 songs on an "Ultimate", it really needs to be "The Ultimate", or it makes Badfinger look bad.

The Ultimate Collection:

CD 1:

1. Dear Angie
2. Theyīre Knocking Down Our Home
3. Come and Get It
4. No Matter What
5. I Donīt Mind
6. It Had To Be
7. Weīre For The Dark
8. Mean, Mean Jemima
9. Loving You
10. Iīll Be The One
11. Baby Blue
12. Take It All
13. Perfection 
14. Name Of The Game
15. Day After Day
16. Itīs Over
17. Apple Of My Eye
18. When I Say
19. Shine On
20. Lonely You
21. Song For a Lost Friend
22. Why Donīt We Talk

CD 2:

1. Just a Chance
2. Know One Knows
3. Dennis
4. Love Time
5. Meanwhile Back at The Ranch
6. Should I Smoke
7. King of The Load
8. Moonshine
9. Love Is Gonna Come At Last
10. Lost Inside Your Love
11. Coppertone Blues
12. Hand in Hand
13. Makes Me Feel Good
14. Dawn
15. Helping Hand
16. Iīm So Lonely
17. Over You

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