Barb Alan Atkinson


April 24, 1999



O.K., Here's the definitive compilation without the wimpy crap!

The Ultimate Collection:

Disk One 

1. And Her Daddy's a Millionaire
2. Come and Get It
3. Midnight Sun
4. Rock of All Ages
5. I Can't Take It
6. I Don't Mind
7. No Matter What
8. Better Days
9. Watford John
10. We're For the Dark
11. Take It All
12. Baby Blue
13. Money/Flying (Emerick produced version)
14. Suitcase
15. Sweet Tuesday Morning
16. Day After Day
17. Get Away
18. Icicles
19. Blind Owl
20. Timeless

Disk Two 1. When I say 2. I Can Love You 3. Do You Mind 4. Song For a Lost Friend 5. Why Don't We Talk 6. Island 7. Lonely You 8. Give It Up 9. Andy Norris 10. Just a Chance 11. Your So Fine 12. Got To Get Out of Here 13. Know One Knows 14. Dennis 15. In the Meantime/Some Other Time 16. Love Time 17. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke

Disk Three 1. Lay Me Down 2. Passed Fast 3. Moonshine 4. Keep Believin' 5. Hey Mr. Manager 6. Rock n Roll Contract 7. Airwaves/Look Out California 8. Lost Inside Your Love 9. Love Is Gonna Come At Last 10. The Dreamer 11. Come Down Hard 12. I Got You 13. Hold On 14. Because I Love You 15. Passin' Time 16. Three Time Loser 17. Too Hung Up on You 18. No More Actually, I've reconsidered! I would open disk three with the Head First version of R N R Contract and close it with the Say No More version.

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