Alex Lear


February 10, 2005



Badfinger is the most underrated band of all time, and certainly one of the greatest. 
Pete Ham especially was a gem of a musician and human being.

The Ultimate Collection:

Maybe Tomorrow
They're Knocking Down Our Home
Come And Get It
Carry On Till Tomorrow
Dear Angie
Rock Of All Ages
No Matter What
I Can't Take It
Midnight Caller
Without You
Better Days
We're For The Dark
Take It All
Baby Blue
I'd Die Baby
Name Of The Game
Sweet Tuesday Morning
Day After Day
Name Of The Game - bonus
Apple Of My Eye
The Winner
Blind Owl
When I Say
I Can Love You
Shine On
Song For a Lost Friend
Why Don't We Talk
Where Do We Go From Here
My Heart Goes Out
Lonely You
Give It Up
Just a Chance
You're So Fine
Got To Get Out Of Here
Know One Knows
In The Meantime
Some Other Time
Love Time
King Of The Load
Meanwhile Back At The Ranch
Should I Smoke
Lay Me Down
Keep Believing
Passed Fast
Mr Manager
Keep Your Country Tidy
Smoking Gun
To Say Goodbye
Catherine Cares
It Doesn't Really Matter
Dear Father
No Matter What (7 Park Avenue)
Shine On (Golders Green)
Midnight Caller (Golders Green)
Lost Inside Your Love
Love Is Gonna Come At Last
Man Without a Heart (Pete demo)
They're Knocking Down Our Home (Pete demo)
The Clown Of The Party

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