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Better Days is back!

Three spanking new issues to excite and titillate your Badfinger palate. 

“Better Days” Issues 10-12 contain articles, photos and memorabilia never before published in any book, magazine or internet article.

Each issue is 24-pages long and each page is A4 sized.
Postcards from Pete –
Pete’s correspondence to his Mum and Dad and to his sister. Reproduced for the first time. (7 pages, illustrated).

Dear Father – Extensive biographies of the Dad’s Pete, Ron, Mike and David left behind when they left for London. (5 pages)

The Warners Years – a serious critical analysis of what went wrong, during the second chapter of Badfinger’s career. (10 pages)

Times we have Had – Memories and photographs of places relevant to the young Mike Gibbins. (9 pages, illustrated).

Badfinger by Percentage – the kind of statistics-based article that only a true fan will appreciate! (4 pages)
I Gave You Half – Just for fun, songwriters complete Pete’s unfinished compositions from his two demo albums. (4 pages)

Magic Christian Locations – Facts and stories behind the locations used in the 1969 film featuring music by Badfinger. (4 pages, illustrated).

The Young Fans – the whole new generation of Finger fans tell why they love their music. (3 pages)

A Plaque for Pete – a look at the feasibility of a commemorative plaque for Pete and a list of thoughts from his former music colleagues, family, friends and fans. (4 pages)

Old Grey Wall, Old Oak Doors – Darren Grubb waltzes through some of Pete’s best compositions. (3 pages)

Fab Four FAQ – a review of the new book by Badfinger fan Robert Rodriguez.

Times at the Bad Pad – Chris Stoner recalls her time with the boys at Golders Green.

Plus photographs many reproduced for the first time, including shots of Mike during his tour with Bonnie Tyler. For prices (issues cost and shipping) please email keithio@live.com

Better Days Issues 1 to 9 are now Available in Reprints

“Better Days” contains articles, photos and memorabilia never before published in any book, magazine or internet article.

Each issues is 24-pages long, A4 sized. Issue 1 to 9 Includes:

Pete’s Record Collection - A look at some of the vinyl Pete collected throughout his life. From Dave Burbeck to Nana Mouskouri and how did he rate 'Sgt Pepper' ? (4 pages)

Keyhole Street - The story behind Pete’s song (5 pages illustrated).

Pete – Those strange Iveys Lyrics – What is a Transport Carf ? How much is 'Ten Bob' ? And how do you start to plan a trip to Gretna Green ? We explain all ! (3 pages)

Badfinger's First Ever Fan Club – The full story of The Iveys/Badfinger Fan Club run by Sylvia Collins from 1968 up to 1971, as told by her son.
(6 pages includes reproductions of original Newsletters and Fan Club merchandise.)

Say No More – a Cover Story – The story of the album's cover picture, a biography of Peter Max and the mystery of the title revealed! (2 pages)

Tommy's Changing Faces – Ten significant moments in the life and career of the Badfinger bassist. (6 pages)

101 Facts About Badfinger you may have never heard or read before – Read how Badfinger once found a Cameraman in a tree; Pete's favourite soap opera;
Joey's remedy for a sore throat; which band Ron would have loved to have pumped bass for; who are The Rochester Beaks and what are Bob Jackson's favourite Badfinger songs.? (7 pages)

David Garrick Interview – For the first time ever, Iveys friend and champion tells of his time with the boys. (5 pages, illustrated).

The Story of The Calderstones parts One and Two – For the first time ever, the story of Tommy's first semi-pro band, illustrated with great quotes and previously unseen pictures
(32 pages, featuring an exhaustive listing of all their Liverpool gigs and may previously unseen photos and artefacts).

Pete Ham – Untitled, Unreleased, Unheard – A dip into a Pete songbook from the mid-1960’s. So many songs, mostly untitled. (13 pages, illustrated).

Hogging The Iveys Studio - The story of the day another band were allowed to use The Iveys home-equipment. (1 page)

Joey – The Hit Picker – In January, 1970, Joey was asked to predict the chart success of eight British singles.
How accurate were his predictions ? (3 pages)

Pete Four Poems – Reproductions of four previously unseen jocular poems spontaneously written by the Badfinger man. Here they are reproduced in Pete's own handwriting.
(5 pages, illustrated)

Times with Tommy – Viv Jones remembers her early days with Tommy. (1 page)

Pete’s Influences - The people outside the music field who influenced Pete, including Oliver Reed, Charles Hawtrey, Julie Christie and Spike Milligan. (4 pages)

Tommy’s Days at YIM – The full story of Tommy’s first job at Yorkshire Imperial Metals. (5 pages, illustrated).

The British Invasion Tour – Cary Caldwell and John Webber give priceless reminisces of the 1984 tour featuring
Mike, Joey and Bob (8 pages).

The Best of Joey – We select the twelve best tracks from Joey's solo years that would make up a 'Best of' album. (3 pages).

The Iveys Swansea - Rare photographs of a 1966 Iveys photo session and what remains of the locations. (11 pages, illustrated).

101 More Facts about Badfinger you have never read before… probably! –
What Stephen Sondheim song was so touching, Pete had to stop his car and listen?
What does Ron think of Paul McCartney’s bass playing?
Who were Fat Grapple and which Beatle telephoned to congratulate Joey and Mike when they reformed Badfinger in 1986? (5 pages).

The Singles that Never Were - a hypothetical analysis on the potential singles Apple missed (3 pages)

Tommy’s Liverpool - Photographs of Tommy’s home, school and workplace. (2 pages, illustrated).Them Other fanzines - David Bennett looks at the history of Badfinger fanzines. (3 pages).

Pete, the Clown of the Party - Was Pete really as solemn as we think ? His friends tells of Pete’s great sense of humour (4 pages)

Where do we go From Here Photos and stories of the places relevant in Iveys history.( 7, illustrated).

Don’t You Believe Me? – reproduced for the first time, Tommy’s handwritten lyrics to his first serious song. (2 pages, illustrated).

Joey’s Solo Years - Steve Sage looks at Joey’s entire solo canon. (3 pages)

Them Other Fanzines - A look at world of Badfinger fanzines (5 pages illustrated).

Badfinger Family Trees - The ancestry of the lads (4 pages illustrated).

Tommy - Beautiful and Blue - Rick Kellog article. Friends of Tommy share their thoughts on the Badfinger bass man. (2 pages).

Wish You Were Here , the Best Badfinger album - Nic Denholm article. (1 page)

Pete Ham, Songwriter - various exclusive reviews of Pete’s solo albums. (6 pages).

David Jenkins, Now and Then - Photograph of David and his brother Alwyne then and now. (1 page, illustrated).

Ron Griffiths – One Hit Wonder? – The story of Ron’s short songwriting career, including and excerpt from a 1960’s songbook. (5 pages, illustrated).

The Myths, the Half-truths and the Downright Lies – Setting the record straight on all the Badfinger rumours. (5 pages).

Maybe Tomorrow – Photos taken where The Iveys shot a promotion film for “Maybe Tomorrow” in the late Sixties. (2 pages, illustrated).

Arthur Versus Ernie – Could Tommy possibly have influenced a 1971 Benny Hill hit record? (1 page).

Peter Ham on Peter Ham – A man who shares the same name as Pete but has never heard of Badfinger, gives his first-time impression on their music. (2 pages).

Pickwick Capers – the story of the budget label who released cover versions of Badfinger songs. (2 pages, illustrated).

Hitchin’ a Ride - Badfinger friend Viv Jones tells of the day she hitched to an Iveys gig (2 pages)

Speaking Proper Swansea - Learn to speak South Walian in one easy lesson ! (1 page)

For prices (issues cost and shipping) please email keithio@live.com
For prices (issues cost and shipping) please email Keith James keithio@live.com



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