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Central Australia & Northern Territory Photo Gallery

This page contains photos taken around Central Australia & the Northern Territory. They show the unique character of this arid region, which together with it's renowned outback hospitality, attracts holidaymakers and tourists from around the world.

devilmarble.jpg (84372 bytes) corroboree_rock.jpg (97504 bytes) didjeridoo.jpg (87978 bytes) dot_painting2.jpg (104315 bytes)
Devil's Marbles, Tennant Creek Corroboree Rock, Alice Springs region Didjeridoo, Music Instrument Dot Painting, Alice Springs
dot_painting1.jpg (117086 bytes) florence_falls.jpg (111433 bytes) rainbow_valley.jpg (96440 bytes) Dcp_0017.jpg (69776 bytes)
Dot Painting, Alice Springs Florence Water Falls, Kakadu Rainbow Valley, Alice Springs region Hugh River,  Alice Springs region 
Dcp_0024.jpg (73842 bytes) glenhelen1.jpg (60374 bytes) todd_river.JPG (65933 bytes) kuyanbara5.jpg (65867 bytes)
Hugh River, Alice Springs region Glen Helen, Alice Springs region Todd River, Alice Springs Kuyunba National Park, Alice Springs
kuyanbara3.jpg (95693 bytes) glenhelen2.jpg (68931 bytes) kuyanbara1.jpg (61509 bytes) Dcp_0025.jpg (74609 bytes)
Kuyunba National Park, Alice Springs  Glen Helen, Alice Springs region Kuyunba National Park, Alice Springs Hugh River, Alice Springs region
Ayers Rock (Uluru), Yulara



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