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Useless Crap

"Hiya Beebo, how's it hangin'?"

Just a few useless facts:

1. The cruiseliner "Queen Elizabeth II" only goes 6 inches for every gallon of deisel fuel it burns.

2. The average person eats 8 spiders while sleeping (during their lifetime)

3. The shortest war ever lasted 37 minutes it was between England and Zanzibar.

4. An elephant is the only land animal that can't jump.

5. A white-tail deer can smell and distinguish 6 different scents at one time.

6. Hair grows an average of 1/4in. per month during the summer and 1/2in. per month during the winter.

7. An eyelash' lifespan is approximately 150 days

8. In a lifetime, the average man will shave about 20,000 times.

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