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All of us need to recognize God's Plan of salvation 

(A valid, unique, and personal  perspective check)

This is a simple plan for you to follow to get yourself right with God.   This is not a concept of   'repeat after me...' but rather, one that hopefully allows YOU the opportunity to reflect upon your own life, and seek God.  Let it never be said you can't find salvation over the 'net.  Let also this be a special time of reflection considering the incredible events of the past year.  No one knows when God will call you home, but God himself.  Think carefully, choose wisely.

  1. Recognize you are breathing.  This is a good thing.  In... out... in...
  2. Recognize you have a beating heart.  This too is a good thing.  If it's not beating, you're not going to finish reading this.
  3. Recognize that you have both your lungs and your heart - God made them and built them inside you for your use.
  4. Recognize you pay taxes.   This is not a good thing, but we do it because we have to.  It helps to run the country we love.
  5. Recognize that you're reading this alone with your PC, and God still knows you're reading this.  He gave you eyes.
  6. Recognize you are a rebel. Ok, well at least you don't like alot of authority.   That makes you normal.  It doesn't help.
  7. Recognize you hate bad drivers, and have had your moments of road rage.  That was me you cut off.
  8. Recognize that being human, you can't climb a ladder to get into heaven.  There's no elevator.  There's no way to climb there.
  9. Recognize that you will suddenly, completely, and absolutely get there, and you had better be spiritually ready.
  10. Recognize that there's no 800 number you can call in heaven to make a table reservation.   And they don't take American express.
  11. Recognize that Mt. Everest is bigger than you are.  And so is the national debt.   God therefore is just a wee bit beyond huge.
  12. Recognize that scientists can't spontaneously create one single grain of new sand, and neither can you.
  13. Recognize that you didn't dictate your entrance onto this planet, and you can't take diddely with you when you croak.
  14. Recognize that God doesn't need your money, and you can't buy party favors from him, or anything else for that matter.
  15. Recognize that God can breath life into frogs, people, and maybe even lawyers, but he can take the same breath away - at a whim.
  16. Recognize that you have screwed up big time.   Or lots of times.  Time and time and time again.  And God knows all about it.
  17. Recognize that maybe, just maybe,  you don't know everything.  Even Regis doesn't know everything. 
  18. Recognize that God's been around since, like, forever, so He probably knows everything worth knowing.  Maybe more.
  19. Recognize that everything you've ever figured out, God already knew.  He's done that, been there, got the T-shirt.
  20. Recognize that you can't impress him with your IQ, your muscle car, hair-do, bank account, or platinum card.
  21. Recognize that relatively speaking, you're a mess, and when you're sick or hung-over, you look even worse.
  22. Recognize that God knows all this.  And He would appreciate it if you'd still consider accepting His free gift - no money down.
  23. Recognize that God's gift -is the life of his only son, which was cruelly, spitefully wrecked as a sacrifice on your behalf. Yes,  - you.
  24. Recognize that Jesus is that only Son, and he died so that if you accept what he did for you, You'd be OK with His father.  That's the free gift.
  25. Recognize that Jesus proved he is God's son, cause He died like everybody else, and then came back to life.  Nobody else's ever done that. 
  26. Recognize that that's a big deal.  And that if you ignore it, God basically can, and will - ignore you. 
  27. Recognize that this acceptance of Jesus' death for you, is key to God accepting you.   It makes you Right - with Him.
  28. Recognize that there's no other plan you can do to earn your way to God's acceptance, unless you accept God's plan. 
  29. Recognize that God knows we're messy, bitchy, ugly, or bald, and wants to get to know us anyway.  I know, it's weird.
  30. Recognize that God loves you enough to forgive you and your mess - anyway.  He actually loves you.  Believe it.
  31. Recognize that God is personally inviting you  - to ask for His forgiveness for screwing up, and doing life "your way".  Ask Him.
  32. Recognize that God isn't in the habit of lying, so that when He says He wants to come into your life, He will if you ask him to.
  33. Recognize that God expects you to attempt to change from your old miserable life, to one that includes Him now. 
  34. Recognize that God knows you aren't perfect, but He's willing to accept you the way you are right now.  Cigarettes, booze and all.
  35. Recognize that God loves you so much, He'll help you get right with Him.  
  36. Recognize that if you just use your God-given mouth to pray to Him right now, He'll forgive you of everything, and come be with you.
  37. Recognize that this is your time to choose. The plan is that you seek God now, and invite Him into your life.  Just ask Him. 
  38. Recognize you need God, repent of your sins, receive Jesus into your life.   Won't you do this right now?
  39. Recognize that if you sincerely prayed, really wanting Him, really repenting, He really is there for you.  For real.  No refunds.
  40. Recognize that praying in the desert, on a plane, in front of a computer, it doesn't matter to God- He's everywhere.  You just do it. 
  41. Recognize that if you just accepted God's son and His death on a cross for your right-standing with God, He is your God.
  42. Recognize that you are now a part of God's family.  And it's a huge family.   Goes right around the world. 
  43. Recognize that God's words are recorded for you and everybody to familiarize yourself with.  It's called the scriptures, or the bible.
  44. Recognize that those words are there for your good.  Get to know them.
  45. Recognize that this process of recognize, repenting, and receiving God's love, is called salvation.  And hopefully you're now saved.
  46. Recognize that it wasn't all that hard, all you had to do was follow God's plan.
  47. Recognize the plan was there all along.  God knew it.  Now you do too.   Now get to know your GOD.


That's god's plan.  Congratulations to all that have chosen to invite God into your life!  He's always been there, just waiting for you to ask Him.   As I stated before, this isn't a plan of ' repeat after me...', but a sincere opportunity to generate a moment in your life where you can simply ask Him into your heart.

Do it now.    You'll be so glad you did.  This fun and introspective look at our lives, is directly revealed in the bible scripture: Romans 10:9-10, "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved-For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." 

christ1.gif (4379 bytes)

If you did invite God into your life, good going!  If you want, Email me, let me know, and I'll be happy to pray for you.   Please get yourself to an establishment of God.  A cult just won't do.   Go get a bible, and start reading the book of John.  Then God will direct you from there.   This accepting Christ as Lord is the first step as a new Christian, and there there are many steps as we walk out our Christian lives.  I have recently been reminded (thanks Michael!) of the importance of seeking out the next step which is to desire to be baptised (full immersion) as an act of obedience to Christ.  Your local Christian assembly will be happy to discuss and arrange this for you.  Be encouraged!  Thousands and Thousands of Christian believers around the world are on your side, and want to help you grow as a Christian. 

There is so much more to getting to know God - there are wonderful friends and fellowships, support groups, Bible studies, awesome movies & videos, TV and radio stations, music CD's, DVD's, tapes, and books by the thousands, resources, and people who know the Lord Jesus by the thousands all around the world.  If you just accepted Jesus into your life, you've spiritually joined the family of God - known as Christians.  Once you join this family, the bible says "all things work together for good for those that love God".  So you can expect some fantastic and exciting life changes.  Be yourself, and be all that you can be, for Jesus Christ, the only son of God.  He loves you, and welcomes you into his church family. 

*   *   *

If you already know the Lord, and want to help evangelize the world- Great!  You too can be an evangelist for the Lord.  Send your friend a link to this page.   Good luck, and may God bless your efforts.



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