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A possible theory of Armageddon                     Megiddo plaque        July 2001


For a while now, I've been seeing some things that has had me pondering the meanings of Rev 16:16, specifically , around 'Armageddon'.  

A lot of hyped up yap, hyped up books, fire and brimstone sermons, and high profile movies have been done about this subject.  Recently, there has been a whole left behind series based on the fictional invention of the armageddon concepts.  I am saddened by the possibilities that exist for joe-christians that may accept rather hap-hazardly the possibility that armageddon is an event such as they describe.  Nothing could be further than the truth, and in my bible it says we are to worship Him in Spirit AND in Truth.   We tend to forget the truth part.  But we can gain great insight into today's events, our bible's meanings, and much of what is going on around us if we in fact know the facts, and can discern them from the fabricated fiction market which is hyped to sell books and movies in our local christian bookstores.  Don't assume for a moment that what you see on the shelves there has a basis in truth - one must dig it out.  I know of only one book distributor that makes a conscious choice to promote books by authors that write on the truth, rather than on what will sell.   But enough of that.  The foundation of Armageddon is so important to the end times, that one must know what it means physically, and spiritually.  Here is the primary Bible reference:

Rev16:15 "Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame."
16 "And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue "Armageddon".

Armageddon is an acronym of 2 words - 'HAR', meaning 'Mountain' or mount, and 'Megeddon', which is modern day location of Megiddo in Isreal.   In total, Armageddon simply means  'Mount Megiddo'   With Google Earth now, you can just zoom in on it easily, just enter megiddo, isreal  and whammo- you're there.  A great site for a reference is this one... at Bible

Although Americans generally have no idea about these facts, (they tend to believe what the movies tell them) this is quite well known in European and Asain circles, especially to the Archeologists digging out there in the hot sun all day.   Megiddo is a low Mesa-like hill, overlooking a former battleground plain north of Jerusalem called the Jezreel Valley.  On top is the remnants of a Palace and all the trappings of King Solomon's reign, and several layers of additional dirt which outline history of Megiddo as a main centre of the Israeli commercial trade routes.

Megiddo has a lot of important history.  It is the entrance or gateway to the valley of Solomon, and the plains beyond have been the site of many decisive historic battles.   The mount is the place where King Solomon built one of his Royal Palaces, and trained his 430 war horses.  It is well known as a place of prosperity, as great grain solos are still there, and it is ringed with a fortification wall for security.   Of great interest is the interior water well hidden away from those who may want to capture the mount, as there is an internal shaft to go down and retreive water away from prying eyes of others.   All peoples in the palestine region were wll acquanted with it's economic power, it's battle-prominant history, and it's strategic value as a fortress.  Alot like everyone in the USA now knows that Vegas is place in the desert for gambling...people in Christs' time would use 'Megiddo' to symbolize commerce and strategic battle locale, in the same way people today might toss the word Vegas around to mean going to gamble.  

So now you know that Armagedon is a PLACE, not just an event in time.  Doesn't that change your outlook slightly?  You see, the media world would have us believe that Armagedon is an event of fire and brimstone proportions that signals the end of all things.  Perhaps it is.  But the bible descibes physical places to resemble spiritual symbols.  Mount Megido should now represent many new spiritual things now in this new light. 

In the end or last days, we know that Christ will return to gather his church, the timing of which has always intriqued mankind.  So let's look at it. ...

God also says He would come 'As a thief' it says in Rev 16:15   A thief is one who :

Such a simple concept does dovetail in with those people that seek wealth and prosperity instead of seeking Christ himself, and could set up a scenario that God could come in the end by 'allowing' the prosperity gospels to run their fingers into Christianity, as a means of sifting out those that would in fact be watching for this, and would seek Christ himself instead of prosperity.  Perhaps also the fact that America's own focus is on it's own economy and protecting it's interests, commerce and financial prosperity instead of God as our primary goal, this should also be a huge wakeup call.

It also dovetails into Christs' way of doing things.  The Jews were expecting a King on a horse to rise up and fight their enemies, but He showed up on a mule to spiritually conquer sin & death.   The world is expecting an apocolypse, with bombs and explosions, and such.  They aren't even aware of the spiritual battles taking place, and this issue of financial prosperity gospels is certainly a central spiritual battle, isn't it!   hmmmmm  The actual  apocoloypse may be much more spiritual than physical, if the end time appearance event of Christ is anything at all like his arrival the first time.

Perhaps the prosperity gospels are the spiritual "places of Megiddo", a strategic battlefield for your soul.  Watch with your coverings ready, so that you will not be caught unawares. 

Perhaps the Megiddo being strategically located in the valley of Jezreel has something else to do with it's biblical mention.  King Ahab and his wife Jezebel - for whom the valley itself is named - (Jezreel) - had their deceptive and murderous plots played out in this very valley.  It's history is rife with strife and deception. 

Now lets add into this mix that there has recently - and for the very first time in Israel's history - been a vast oil reserve discovered underneath this valley.   The Israeli governement has granted a lease to a Texas Oil firm called Ness tap into and begin processing this oil for Israel and her allies.  This new found wealth and power shift tIsrael's oil dependance away from the oil fields of Saudis, Iraq, and Iran.  This - coupled with the USA - would create a new found powerful independance for Israel and hence ramp up the animosity already found in this Arab-powered  region.  Add to that that Mr. Stephens who owns Ness Energy in Texas, is a Christian, has been calling on the Lord throughout this discovery process, and has vowed that a portion of the profits recieved in this landslide of income, will ultimately go to fund the rebuilding of the 3rd temple of Solomon.      

So without too much foresight, it's easy to see the caldron beginning to boil here, and the region is set to go off.  Once oil is pumping, profits are pumping into Israel, the shift in power over oil shifts from the Arab nations (who already hate Israel) to Israel.  Where do you think the Scuds are going to be flying next?  Now add in to this the USA's Patriot missiles lining the valley basin to protect their 'oil interests' - and you've set the stage for a war over prosperity, set at Megiddo - over oil, with the largest nations in the world positioning themselves. 

Har - Megiddon.  Very soon.  This is a sign of the times.



Palace ruins on mount of Megiddo    Aerial photo shows Megiddo and the battle plains.


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