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Welcome To My Fish Web Site

You are on this site Because you are interested in owning and maintaining an Aquarium. The world of fish is fascinating and complex.

Fish have been fascinating people for years. The Chinese kept normal goldfish as far back as 265 AD Now through selected breeding we have hundreds of that different types goldfish. Although Salt Water cover 70% of the earth and Fresh water only 1%, it would be thought that there would be more Salt Water Fish then Fresh. Not true around 40% of the worlds fish are Fresh Water, Bringing the total to around 8,000 kinds of freshwater fish.

But if keeping fish is so easy, why do 50% of people who get a Tank leave the hobby by the first year? The answer is simple. The Two main thing are #1 The person does not wait long enough for the tank to be "broken in." And second They dont have the right stuff or the right information. So the normal first timers blindly go and buy the wrong fish. You have to be willing to give some of your time to caring for your tank. But no more then a hour, and the rest of the day you can look at your wounderful tank.

I have 3 Aquariums in my room. I have had; Angelfish, Oscars ,Tetras, Bettas, Danios, Guppies, Swordtails, Red Tail Sharks, Crabs, Crawfish, Clown Plecostomus, and Glass Catfish. So I know quite a bit about this hobby along with 2 years of experience. Also I have the Links to Other Great Sites. Some I got Information off of. Hope you enjoy =) Vote on my polls send me some feed back to get the best out of this site.

Send me a e-mail for any questions you might have or to tell me about this page E-Mail me

Also my old page is still up here is the link to the site

I am a proud member of the Tropical Fish Web Ring.

This site contains information on keeping Fresh Water Fish. When It is finished it will contain information on; Breeding, Caring, Feeding, and Also how to Set up the tank, and keep it running.

The Links below will take you to more information on what you want to know. (not a bunch of nothing)! I am still working hard on this page, so a lot of stuff will change each day. But the change will be for the best. MORE STUFF!!

This link is to the tank help page. For info about setting up the tank and what you need, and more.

This link is to the fish help page. For info about the types of freshwater fish, how to care for them and, much more.

This link goes to my fish tank. Has info on some fish.

This is the link to the Plant help.This is new!

This link goes to Fisho's site Try it. It is the Best site on Fish (Besides Mine).

This Link is also a great one click on the banner.
Robyn's Fishy Page

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