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Songs About Us
By: Travis
In all things great and small,
things that exist only in my mind,
to compare to the outside.
You are the one whom I love you and only you.
There is no other.
Let us dance in a passionate sway.
Let us come together from far away.
My hear beats with your song.
In my head I hum along.
Things go and things come.
Everything will change,
My love is never ending.
Always craving you, wanting you, needing your touch.
You don't realize how much i need to feel you.
When our lips touch I feel somethings like no other.
A passion that can exist only outside of this reality called life.
The flames of your touch burn my skin to the cool feeling.
Never understanding how or why.
All I know is if I can't have you I would die.
But i can't say that.
Selfish as it sounds I know you won't mind.
Would you?
I don't question us. Never have.
I question my actions.
Pushy, Uncontrollable. What have I become.
But you don't mind. It's a miracle.
You are mine forever. Never ceasing.
I'll love you for the rest of time.

Comfort Me
By: Travis
Comfort me in my time of need.
Comfort me in my pain.
My hurt.
My heartbreak.
The healing power belongs to you.
To mend, heal.
You have. You have saved me.

The Garden
By: Travis
In the garden I see you there.
Your wearing nothing more than a smile.
I see your beauty from so far away.
Its hard to believe that i walked for miles.
Falling into your arms I love to find comfort,
From the perils and worries of this world.
Baby, I will love you for ever
for you are my one and only girl.
I can't explain how i found you
or what exactly I was thinking.
But I do know one thing
Before you found me I was sinking.
Sinking so fast in despair
Sinking so fast in depression
I love you so much
Your becoming an loving obsession.
I walked so long so alone and weary,
I walked so far so lost in this nightmare.
But when I woke up you were sitting beside me,
Stroking my hand telling me everything was fine,
And from then on I come running to you.
For all my problems.
For all my worries.
For everything that is wrong with me.
You find me Perfect,
You find me handsome,
You find me dazzling,
And I just I can stay your man...someday
Someday later down the road,
I hope to promise you my life
I hope in the same you promise yours.
For someday I hope you will be my loving wife.

The World
By: Travis
Calm Sensations run through me.
I see my soul in your eyes. The bright glow.
Incredible to touch. Yet so soft to the kiss.
Your fingers gently scratching my skin.
Soft, playful.
You care, You love. Me?
How can this be so?
Why have you chosen me?
I am nothing special.
I am no super man.
You could have the world.
You could have the stars.
In your eyes are diamonds.
How can you not be rich?
So perfect yet you turn to me.
The imperfect.
So many flaws, scratches, imperfections.
You could have the world...
You put your hand gently over my lips,
and softly whisper to me,
"You are my world."

By: Travis
In all things great and small,
things that exist only in my mind,
Is this the reality? Or are there others?
Is there a better reality than this?
In my mind where the wild things roam,
Scribbling off my hand comes the truth.
What is the truth? Is there a real truth?
I don't know which one I like.
Which on is the truth?