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VKN dead.

Following shortly after the death of Veloor Krishnan Kutty, the other stalwart of malayalam humor passed away today. He was 72. Known too the malayalee as VKN, Vadakke Kuttaala Naarayanan Nair was born on 6th of April 1932. After a short stint in government service and journalism, he retured to Thiruvilavamala where he now rests in the Pambaadi Ivor madam.

His style of writing was diffrent rom that of Veloor. The characters he created such as General Chaathans and Payyans were house hold names at one time, although te younger generation probably has not even heard of them. It may be mere coincidence but he was born in Thiruvilaamala, near Killikkurissimangaam, the supposed birth place of Kalakkath Kunchan Nambiar, the doyen of malayalee humor.

After matriculation he spent eight years with the Devaswam board from 1951 till 1959 as a clerk. "The Twin God Arrives" is belived by many to have caricatured the devasawam commisioner. He lost that job when the temple to which he was posted, the Pulickal Temple near Kottakkal, was transferred by the government to the karingaattu mana trust. Then VKN moved to delhi. In his own words, Delhi exposed him to the variety of people in this small earth. His first published works were in English in the Shanker's Weekly. Fortuntely for Malayalam he switched to his mother tongue with his own unique brand of humor, "Vivaahappittenn" was his first published story.

He was a prolific writer and created some characters who lived in a fantastic Kerala. Novels: Asuravaani, Manchal, Aarohanam, Oraazhcha, Syndicate, General Chaathens, Payyante Raajaav, Penn Pada, Pithaamahan, Kudineeru, Naanwaar, Adhikaaram, Anatharam, Anmmomma kkadha (Novelette). Stories: Mandahaasam, Payyan, Cleopatra, Payyante kaalam, Kaalakhattathinte payyan, Payyante samaram, Payyante yaathrakal, Kunjan Menon, Athikaayan, Chaathans, Poornaanandan, Sir Chaathuvinte Ruling, VKN Kadhakal, Payyan Kadhakal, Haajyaar, Maannachira Test, Oraashcha, Payyannte Diary. Humorus articles: Ayyayiravaum koppum.

Aarohanam won the Kerala Saahithya Academy Award in 1969. Payyan Kadhakal got the Kendra Saahithya Academy award in 1982.

Wife: Vedavathi. Children: Balachandran, Ranjana