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AlfabetSoupPunk: we should make a scary movie
AlfabetSoupPunk: like, me you becca and cal go to eloise. and then cal goes in there and even though we tell him no they do, and then after 10 minutes he don't come out, then it's an hour, then we have to go in after him
AlfabetSoupPunk: and all this crazy shit happens
BigLimoWreck: lol
AlfabetSoupPunk: like cal goes in
BigLimoWreck: and then we leave
AlfabetSoupPunk: haha becca: lets go! ::runs to car::
BigLimoWreck: hehe
BigLimoWreck: yeah
BigLimoWreck: next morning we go back and cals in bed with some 90 yr old guy smoking a cig
BigLimoWreck: cal: oh ur back so soon?
AlfabetSoupPunk: omg lol
BigLimoWreck: jessica: did the man die when u took ur clothes off or after the sex?
AlfabetSoupPunk: man: yes i did
BigLimoWreck: cal: both
AlfabetSoupPunk: ha both
BigLimoWreck: becca: was it any good?
BigLimoWreck: ::cell phone rings::
BigLimoWreck: becca: hold on
AlfabetSoupPunk: becca: hold on
BigLimoWreck: lol
AlfabetSoupPunk: hehe
AlfabetSoupPunk: we go to eloise...ghost: ::jumps out at becca::
AlfabetSoupPunk: ::cell phone rings::
AlfabetSoupPunk: becca: just a minute ghost
AlfabetSoupPunk: becca: its mary
BigLimoWreck: ghost: oh its mary, tell her i said hi
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: ::yells:: hey mary! wait..ok, now back to being scary
BigLimoWreck: becca: wait gotta call auntie
AlfabetSoupPunk: becca: i gotta tell her where i am
BigLimoWreck: becca: what are u doing
BigLimoWreck: auntie; in at home
BigLimoWreck: becca: are u gonna stay at home
BigLimoWreck: auntie: why
BigLimoWreck: becca: just curious
AlfabetSoupPunk: becca: just wondering
BigLimoWreck: lol
AlfabetSoupPunk: lol
BigLimoWreck: jessica: hey i found liquor
BigLimoWreck: ghost: hey thats mine
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: yeah, thats been here for YEARS
BigLimoWreck: becca: no its mine
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: hell yeah ::drinks::
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: ::joins the group::
BigLimoWreck: becca: can i have it ghost?
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: im hungry, lets go to einstein
BigLimoWreck: becca: it is really mine
AlfabetSoupPunk: becca: isnt it mine ghost, answer the question NOW, yes or no
BigLimoWreck: ghost: umm
BigLimoWreck: becca: see jessica, its mine
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: fuck u
AlfabetSoupPunk: becca to ghost: i hate jessica she's such a bitch
BigLimoWreck: vinny: ohh i seen a land rover
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: where?
BigLimoWreck: vinny ::points:: there
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: ::peeks around::
BigLimoWreck: vinny ::claps hands::
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: ::claps:: TWO sunroofs!
BigLimoWreck: vinny: hell yeah
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: i wish there were land rovers when i was alive.
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: i hate them
BigLimoWreck: vinny: fuck u jessica
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: yeah, fuck u jessica
BigLimoWreck: becca: my liquior, gimme gimme
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: ghost are you mad at me
BigLimoWreck: lol
AlfabetSoupPunk: hehe
BigLimoWreck: becca: dont talk to jessica
BigLimoWreck: ghost: omg jessica shut the hell up
BigLimoWreck: vinny: hey thats my line
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: ::cries::
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: hey jessica
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: bia
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: haha
BigLimoWreck: becca: fuck u guys ::runs away::
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: haha ::laughs::
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: come on lets go to southland, i need to go to gadzooks
BigLimoWreck: ::becca reaches for cell phone and calls a random person::
BigLimoWreck: becca: i hate my life, my mom is in the hospital, dont u hate jessica
BigLimoWreck: vinny: ::visualizes about land rovering::
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: ::scratches his balls::
BigLimoWreck: becca: hey ghost, is there a tree house around here?
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: nope.
BigLimoWreck: becca: well lets make one
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: no thanks!
BigLimoWreck: security guard: hey whats going on
BigLimoWreck: ::cell phone rings::
BigLimoWreck: becca: hold on
AlfabetSoupPunk: becca: hold on
BigLimoWreck: security guard: wtf
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: ::floats away::
BigLimoWreck: becca: its chad
BigLimoWreck: security guard: oh tell him i said hi
AlfabetSoupPunk: lol
AlfabetSoupPunk: everyone knows chad
BigLimoWreck: lol
BigLimoWreck: cal: anyone got a condom, i ran out?
AlfabetSoupPunk: jessica: fuck you cal
AlfabetSoupPunk: wait
AlfabetSoupPunk: me:
AlfabetSoupPunk: lol
BigLimoWreck: vinny: lol
AlfabetSoupPunk: vinny:
AlfabetSoupPunk: lol
BigLimoWreck: ::can hear starfuckers playing in the distance::
BigLimoWreck: vinny: look its a limo
BigLimoWreck: jessica: puts hands on face and acts surprised
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: ba
BigLimoWreck: vinny: oh yeah
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: ba ba
BigLimoWreck: trent: hey guys what up?
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: oh nothin trent
BigLimoWreck: becca: shhh, im talking to chad
BigLimoWreck: trent: oh tell him i said hi
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: hey trent can i borrow a dollar
BigLimoWreck: trent; ok
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: trent are u mad at me?
BigLimoWreck: trent ::hands dollar to jessica::
BigLimoWreck: trent: omg jessica shut the hell up
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: are you mad?? god trent
BigLimoWreck: trent: fuck this
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: no wait
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: i need my dollar
BigLimoWreck: trent:: peaks at jessica
BigLimoWreck: trent: i already gave u it
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: oh ::looks down and sees dollar in hand:: well stay and chat
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: we can get some starbucks
BigLimoWreck: trent: ohh ok
AlfabetSoupPunk: me: ok buy me a tazoberry
BigLimoWreck: we all get in the starfucker limo
AlfabetSoupPunk: lol
BigLimoWreck: becca: so yeah chad, ull find someone
BigLimoWreck: vinny:: ::touches everything he can::
BigLimoWreck: trent: driver! to starbucks
BigLimoWreck: security guard: wtf am i doing in here
AlfabetSoupPunk: ghost: hey you guys
BigLimoWreck: jessica: hey!
BigLimoWreck: ghost: heres a dollar jessica
AlfabetSoupPunk: jessica: wow i love you ghost
BigLimoWreck: ::arrives at starbucks::
BigLimoWreck: we all have coffee and enjoy our evening
BigLimoWreck: the end
AlfabetSoupPunk: aww
AlfabetSoupPunk: what a cool story
BigLimoWreck: word


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