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Answers should be typed along with the question -- they can be cut & pasted from the site at http://JohnStevenson.net under the section on Old Testament Survey.

Any resources may be studied and utilized.


  1. Provide a basic outline of the book of Genesis.
  2. Where is the first Messianic promise of the Bible?
  3. How would you answer the question: Where did Cain get his wife?
  4. List the two major interpretations of the phrase "Sons of God" in Genesis 6:1-4 and give three arguments for each interpretation.
  5. Explain the significance of Genesis 15:17.
  6. List five points of comparison that show a type of Christ in Genesis 22.
  7. What are some of the major lessons that we learn from the Joseph narrative?


Extra Credit: What is the big lesson that the Israelites were to learn from the Leah-Rachael narrative and how does it apply to us today?