Studies in the Gospel of Luke

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Luke 1:1-4. The Gospel According to Luke
Luke 1:5-25. The Announcement to Zacharias
Luke 1:26-56. The Announcement to Mary
Luke 1:57-80. The Birth and Circumcision of the Forerunner
Luke 2:1-7. When God Became Man
Luke 2:8-18. Angels, Shepherds and the Lamb of God
Luke 2:21-40. Presentation in the Temple
Luke 2:41-52. The Passover Incident
Luke 3:1-22. John the Baptist
Luke 4:1-13. The Wilderness Temptations
Luke 4:16-30. The Announcement at Nazareth
Luke 5:1-11. Fishers of Men
Luke 5:12-16. Cleansing a Leper
Luke 5:17-26. Healing the Paralytic
Luke 5:27-39. Legal Liabilities
Luke 6:1-11. Sabbath Controversies
Luke 6:12-16. The Calling of the Twelve
Luke 6:17-49. The Sermon on the Plain - Teaching to Live By
Luke 7:1-10. The Healing of the Centurion's Servant
Luke 7:11-17. The Raising of the Widow's Son
Luke 7:17-35. John, Jesus and Judgments on a Generation
Luke 7:36-50. The Proud and the Penitent
Luke 8:1-21. People of the Kingdom
Luke 8:22-25. Stilling Storms
Luke 8:26-39. Demons and Deliverance
Luke 8:40-56. Deliverance from Disease and Death
Luke 9:1-10. Sending forth the Twelve
Luke 9:10-17. Feeding the Five Thousand
Luke 9:18-27. The Christ and the Cross
Luke 9:27-36. The Transfiguration
Luke 9:37-45. After the Fireworks
Luke 9:46-62. Disciples of the Kingdom
Luke 10:1-24. The Sending of the Seventy
Luke 10:25-42. Samaritans and Sisters - A Lesson in Love
Luke 11:1-13. Lessons on Prayer
Luke 11:14-54. Evidence and Unbelief
Luke 12:1-12. A Warning Against Hypocrisy
Luke 12:13-34. The Pitfall of Prosperity
Luke 12:35-59. The Readiness of the Righteous
Luke 13:1-9. When Bad Things Happen
Luke 13:10-35. Kingdom Controversies
Luke 14:1-24. Dinner Invitations
Luke 14:25-35. Discipleship - A Question of Commitment
Luke 15:1-32. Lost and Found
Luke 16:1-31. Stewards, Scoffers and Second Chances
Luke 17:1-19. Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones
Luke 17:20-37. The Coming Kingdom
Luke 18:1-17. Prayer, Pride and People of the Kingdom
Luke 18:18-43. The Rich and the Blind
Luke 19:1-27. Friends and Enemies of the Kingdom
Luke 19:28-48. The Triumphal Entry
Luke 20:1-47. The Authority of the King
Luke 21:1-38. Future Things
Luke 22:1-38. The Last Supper
Luke 22:39-46. The Last Tamptation of Jesus
Luke 22:47-71. Betrayed, Denied and Rejected
On what day did Jesus die?

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