Located on the today's Southern boarder of Egypt and within a few miles of the country of Sudan, the temple at Abu Simbel is both an architectural marvel as well as a timeless testimony to the power of propeganda.


Ramses II is known to history as Ramses the Great, not because of his many conquests, but because he had a great propaganda machine and did not hesitate to plaster his name and likeness all up and down Egypt.

The modern heroes of Abu Simbel are the engineers of UNESCO who, in the 1960's, moved the entire temple to higher ground to avoid the rising waters of Lake Nassar, created from the New Aswan Dam.

Silent Guardians

The stern gaze of the four statues of Ramses was meant strike terror into the heart of the Nubian forces to the south and perhaps to dissuade them from advancing on into Egypt.

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