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Southern Electric Gallery

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The first four images appeared in Live Rail in the item SR semi-fast units 2Nol 4Lav 2Bil 2Hal which may be read in the library.

2SL unit 1812 - long since converted to third rail operation - with 15:31 arrival at Wimbledon from West Croydon 29 June 1963. Photo: James H Aston.
2Hal 2662 leading 18:05 Waterloo-Portsmouth Harbour from Waterloo 10 September 1958. Photo: James H Aston.
4Lav 2929 on 15:47 Victoria-Brighton slow at Gatwick Airport 30 August 1958. Photo: James H Aston.
2Nol 1834 berthes at Lewes 19 September 1957. Photo: James H Aston.

A number of the images below, and many others, are for sale as colour transparancies.

Former 3Sub unit 1782 retained in departmental use as instruction unit 053, at Brighton Lovers Walk depot, 10th July 1971.
4Cor unit 3142 now in preservation under SEG ownership, approaches Portsmouth & Southsea on a Waterloo express, 6th June 1970. 3142 is currently undergoing extensive restoration at St.Leonards in Sussex but is regretfully not available for public access.
Electric locomotive 20003 of SR Bullied / Raworth design, 1470 hp, CoCo, at Newhaven Harbour. This was the last of three technically similar machines with a motor-generator flywheel-booster control system allowing the machine to bridge third rail gaps without loss of tractive effort.
10Pep train (in this case formed 4+2+4) at St.Johns on a Dartford to Charing Cross empty stock working, 7th September 1973. 2Pep unit 2001 operated in unpainted metal whereas 4Peps 4001/2 were painted all over blue. Pep were prototype BR high density units leading to class 508 on the SR.
Diesel electric 6B 'Hastings' unit descending the 1 in 100 Hildenborough bank between Sevenoaks and Tonbridge ona Charing Cross to Hastings service.
2Bil unit 2008 at Liss on a Portsmouth line stopping train, 5th May 1968. 2008 is of the first small batch of which none survive but unit 2090 of the larger main production batch survives today in preservation - part of the National Railway Museum collection.
De-icing unit 002 in action at Basingstoke, 29th December 1970. Units 001/2/3 were created for winter third rail de-icing duties on the Bournemouth line, each formed of 2Hal or 4Lav motor coaches but re-wired for operation with BR standard EP equipment.
JB type (BR class 73) electro-diesel locomotive 73131 heading 1755 London Bridge to Brighton service at Patcham, 1st August 1979. This service was operated on a temporary basis by locomotives and stock due to a shortage of CIG units undergoing overhaul.
HB type (BR class 74) electro-diesel locomotive 74005 in immaculate condition at Eastleigh works, 20th April 1975. Ten 74s were converted from class 71 for the Bournemouth line but were notoriously unreliable.
4Cig unit 7331 leading a Victoria to Littlehampton express through Balcombe, 20th September 1969.
4Pul unit 3054 leading a 6Pul unit near Wandsworth Common on a Victoria to Ore express, June 1965. 3054 was a short lived formation - the Cor type motor coaches are identical to those owned by the SEG in its 4Cor unit 3142.
HA type (BR class 71) electric locomotive E5005 with 4TC unit 427 at Sittingbourne on the SEG 'Man Of Kent' railtour, 11th April 1971. 71s would not normally work TC stock and assembling such non-standard formations was often a feature of SEG railtours of the past.
1966 stock train comprising 4TC units 404 and 421 propelled by 4Rep unit 3003 passing Millbrook on a Waterloo to Bournemouth express, 26th August 1967. Despite the Bouremouth line having a service level superlative to most InterCity routes, 1966 stock entered traffic in all over blue rather than blue and grey.

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