Tiptronic Lessons


This website was created to teach Elisa Astone how to master the transmission of her Jetta.

This is not meant to be a training manual. It is intended to offer suggestions. Always read your

owners manual.


What is Tiptronic?

Tiptronic, also known as Manual-matic, Shift-tronic, or Auto-stick, is an automatic transmission

with an option for the driver to override the computer and make manual shifts by herself. This allows

the driver to use an automatic when needed, and to use a manual when needed.


What are the advantages of Tiptronic?

While regular automatic transmissions shift at pre-selected points, tiptronic is controlled by the driver.

This can allow the driver to get better performance from the car than an automatic can offer. In addition

using a Tiptronic transmission can give the driver better fuel economy than a normal automatic. Also, it looks cool.


What are the disadvantages of Tiptronic?

When used incorrectly, the exact opposites of the advantages will occur. The car will burn fuel quicker, and performance

will suffer. In addition, when used in stop-and-go traffic or on snow, the manual mode is very tedious and annoying. In

those times, it is best to stay in the automatic mode.



These lessons are to teach the driver how to use the manual mode of the Tiptronic transmission.

Lesson 1:

Normal Driving in Normal Conditions

Lesson 2:

Slowing to a Stop

Lesson 3:

Engine Braking

Lesson 4:

Driving For Best Performance

Lesson 5:

Driving For Fuel Economy