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Scanair (DK)

This homepage is dedicated to the former charter legend of Scandinavia, SCANAIR.

In the end of the fifties several charter carriesbegan to operate from Sweden to the more southerly
latitudes. During 1961 an investigation was made by Scandinavian Airlines, SAS to find out the pos-
sibilities to utilize the their equipment and fleet for a new charter carrier. A consortium between the
SAS parent company and some Scandinsvian companieswere the foundation of Scanair. The fleet
consisted oftwo Douglas DC7C from SAS.

Douglas DC-7C, OY-KNC Scandinavian Airlines System
Photo: T Edlind


The first Douglas DC-7C flight took off 4th of September 1961from Stockholm to Athens. Six XX
month later Scanair took the step into the jet-age and introduced the modern DC-8-33. In June XX
1966 the company had to be reconstructed. Scanair like SAS became a syndicate like SAS 2/7
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Denmark, 2/7 Norway and 3/7 Sweden as SAS parent company in countries respectively. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Douglas DC-7C OY-KND was one of the first SAS DC-7C in Scanair figuration, here landing on
Stockholm/Bromma Airport 1961.
Photo: Lars Söderström.

Douglas DC-8-33 OY-KTA was one of the first SAS DC-8-33 in Scanair figuration at Stockholm-
Arlanda, DK 269 cleared for taxiing, with destination to Naples, 1967.
Photo: Kjell Nilsson.

On 11 th of February 1967,the first DC-8 took off from Arlanda, Stockholm bound for Palma with
with 130passengers onboard. The final count down for the propeller era was now decided. The
last propeller flight was made on 23 of October 1967, Scanair introduced three DC-8-33. The new
fleet of DC-8-33 was designed for 165 passengers compared with 92 seats in the DC-7C layout.XX

The jointventure Scanair/Transair TSA Sweden

At the same time Transair Sweden was one of the carriers which operated Boeing 727, wellknown
as "Transair Sunjet" and on 1s October 1969 Transair started to fly as subcharter for Scanair. Due to
high operating cost the aircrafts were purchased by SAS from Handelsbanken and Eriksbergs Mek-
ansika Verkstad. Transair was pointed to be responsible for the technical operations and maintenance
for the four Boing 727´s. The agreement between the two parties was finalized in the end of 1974 and
SAS accuired the company. Until 1971 about 3 millions passengers flew by Scanair now with the
Transair striking "Sunjet" logo on the fin.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Due to the unecconomical operation costs it was decided to take all DC-8-33 out from service.Instead
SAS sat aside DC-8-55`s for Scanair operations with a higher density of seats. XXXXXXXXXXXX

Due to increasing popularity of charter traveling Scanair decided to lease a Boeing 747 with 474
seats from SAS on the high density routes to Gran Canaria and Rhodes in early 1971.XXXXXXXX

Douglas DC-8-55 SE-DBD clear for the gate at Stockholm Arlanda 1971
Photo: Stefan Sjögren.

McDonnell Douglas DC-8-62, OY-KTD, Knud Viking, Banjul, Gambia 78-12-13
Photo Tony Edlind

On 1st of April 1978 Scanair received its first DC-8-62 and at the same time the flett was named in
feminine Viking names, the first DC-8-62 was named Ylva Viking. At the same time the DC-8-55
were faced out. The DC-8-62 was configurated in one class with 252 seats and Scanair was now able
to furnish their cabins. The fins were painted in the orange Transair Scanair "Sunjet" logo.

In 1977 Scanair had a fleet of 2 no DC-8-55, 1 no DC-8-62 (OY-KTG) och 3 no Boeing 727-134´s.
Scanair also utlilized SAS and Linjeflyg, F-28 and DC-9´s. During the following years further one
DC-8-62 was added to the fleet. 1983 Scanair´s fleet consisted mainly of DC-8-62 for 189/195 pass-
engers and DC-8-63 for 241/248 passengers.

McDonnell DC-8-63, SE-DBK, Sigyn Viking
Photo: Air Nikon

During 1981 one to carry 383 passengers in the shape of Scanair. One year later the fleet was
expanded with further 3 no Airbus A300-B4.

Airbus A300-B4 LN-RCA, Snorre Viking
Photo: Tony Edlind collection

The New Era!

In 1984 Scanair introduced like SAS a new upto dated image, new paint-scheme, beautiful uniforms
and super service. These were the contents in the "new" Scanair programme.

McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63 SE-DBL, Snorre Viking
Photo: Simon Barker

Airbus A300-B4 LN-RCA, Snorre Viking
Photo: Tony Edlind collection

McDonnell MD-82, LN-RMB
Photo: Stefan Sjögren

McDonnell DC-10-10, SE-DHY
Photo: Erik Jonnesson

During 1987 Scanair leased the first McDonnell DC-10-30, SE-DFH from SAS. Scanair´s first own
DC-10-10 started to operate during 1988. In the end of 1993 (New Years Eve) Scanair was discon-
tinued together with Conair of Scandinavia and the new charter carrier Premiair was founded!XX

Scanair please come back soon!

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