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Let me begin by apologizing for the long delay between
updates. Okay. Let's get started!

In December The Little Vampire was slated to open in Spain,
Mexico and Brazil, with a January date to follow for Argentina
and the Japanese date not far behind!

If you're a US are Canadian fan then I've got big news! The
DVD and Video will be released in the US (with coding for
Canada as well) on March 6th!!! The DVD features a ton of
extra's including several interactive games and the original US
movie website. The suggested retail price for the DVD will be
$24.98, but you can preorder it from the merchandise page for
only $17.49 (plus s&h)!

If you've been looking for fan mail contact addresses for the
stars of the film, then look no further. Click here for a list.

There's a new submission in the fan section. The contest has
been extended to March 1, 2001 so get those submissions in.

Congratulations are in order for Angela and the cast and crew
of The Little Vampire. The movie was voted Best Film of the
Year by Cinemaniacs readers, an exclusive kid's club run
through Warner Cinema Villages!
All the latest news on Angela's most recent projects.

The news from October 10, 2000
In it's second week of it's German release, The Little Vampire came
in 7th.

Please sign the online petition to help get Angela's books

The news from October 4, 2000
The Little Vampire opened in Germany over this past weekend. It
came in 3rd place! Not bad...
Also, you can now pre-order a copy of The Little Vampire Soundtrack from!

The news from October 1, 2000
You can now pre-order a copy of the movie novelization for The
Little Vampire from To order the book and receive a
10% discount off of the cover price, simply click on the books name
above. While you're at Amazon, let them help you find any other
books you still need to complete your Little Vampire collection!

The news from September 30, 2000 now has a lot of information up, including an
interview with Angela regarding the process that was involved in
getting the movie to the big screen and a really cool contest for UK
school children. Check it out here!
The news from Spetember 26, 2000
There is now an official UK movie site. Some of it is still under
construction, but the UK trailer is really cool.

The news from September 25, 2000

I spotted an interesting post at today:

Date: 4 September 2000

Summary: A fantastic film with great costumes and fab special

The little vampire is a thrilling story as a book and it makes a
magical film. The script was full of witty jokes if you approached it
with the right attitude. My name is Anna Popplewell and I appeared
in the film as 'Anna' so it is no wonder I rate it well. My brother and
sister (5) and (9) both loved it and so did an audience full of children
at the test screening. It is true that children above 12 may find it a
little babyish. There is magic the whole way through the film, not
only as the friendship is formed, but also when it is tested. Any child
who didn't enjoy this film should watch a little more closely.

I've also found a very high quality movie trailer for you. Check it out
Make sure to check out the new movie section.
The news from September 18, 2000
If you haven't done so yet, go check out the German and French
Little Vampire Movie sites at: (German) and (French).

The News from September 15, 2000
The movie adaptation will be released in the US by Minstrel Books.
Written by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg and Nicholas Waller, The
Little Vampire will be released sometime in October. Here's the
ISBN # 0-743-42145-0. In other US movie news, Disney has aleady
purchased the cable rights for the film. In UK news, Film Education
is producing a FREE educational
study guide on the film The Little Vampire to coincide with the
release of the film in the United Kingdom. This will go out free of
charge to every primary school in the United Kingdom so that
children can look at The Little Vampire in the classroom.

The news from September 5, 2000
The official movie site is now past the teaser stage. Although not all
of the features are working yet you will be able to see movie pictures
and get a lot more information on the cast and crew.

The news from August 6, 2000
To see a picture of the official movie poster, click here.
The news from August 4, 2000
Here's an excerpt from an interview with Jonathan Lipnicki from
The Orange County Register on January 4, 2000. Q. Tell me about
The Little Vampire. A. I'm an American boy who moves to
Scotland. I don't have any friends, but then I meet a vampire who
becomes my friend. Q. So you don't become a vampire? A. Maybe in
the sequel.

The news from October 19, 2000
After three weeks of release in Germany, The Little Vampire is still
in the top ten. Early buzz in the UK looks good, too. In the US you
can currently look for the commercials on the WB network. Also,
Jonathan Lipnicki will be making several appearances next week,
including on the Regis show.
The News from October 31, 2000
Happy Halloween! The Little Vampire has been doing quite
well in the theaters. In Germany it has been out for five
weeks and is still in the top ten. Last weekend it opened in
it's full UK release and came in a respectible 5th. This past
weekend it opened in the US and came in 6th.
If you'd like to see my review of the movie, click here.
If you (or your children) would like to submit a review (or
drawing, poem, story, etc.) for the movie (or any of the
books), see it featured in the fan section and have a chance
at winning an autographed picture of Angela Sommer-
Bodenburg, then submit your entries today!
The News from March 11, 2001
The News from January 23, 2001
The Little Vampire has been listed on's movers
and shakers and has been on the top sellers list off on on
since it came out (at one point it was in 19th place). If you
haven't gotten your copy yet, head over to the merchandise

If you'd like to receive all of the latest news
in your mailbox, send a blank e-mail to:
UPDATE: June 5, 2001
Angela's 17th Little Vampire book has just been released in Germany.
To see a picture of the cover of The Little Vampire Learns Ballroom
Dancing (Der Kleine Vampir und die Tanzstunde), click here!
Angela will be touring Germany throughout October in support of the
new book. If you're lucky enough to live near Berlin, you might be able
to meet her at Karstadt, October 9- 10th. More details to come!