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The Little Vampire series has been altered
from country to country. For instance, the
artwork varies in the different editions and in
the US the term "little" was dropped from all of
the titles.

Character Profiles
The Sackville-Bagg family is an illustrious
group. Here's a quick introduction.
Rudolph Sackville-Bagg (Rüdiger)
(Rudolph, the little Vampire)

Rudolph's main interests include reading
and staying out of confrontations.
However, when it really counts he is always
there for his family and Tony, his best

Anna Sackville-Bagg
(Anna, the Toothless
Anna, the Courageous)

Anna is known for a long time as Anna,
the Toothless because she's the only
vampire in the family who doesn't have
vampire teeth and therefore doesn't drink
blood (she drinks milk, instead). After she
gets her teeth she is renamed Anna, the
Anna would much rather be a human than
a vampire. She doesn't like the clothing,
the lifestlye or the fact that she can't date
Gregory Sackville-Bagg (Lumpi)
(Gruesome Gregory)

Gregory became a vampire just as he was
entering puberty and is therefore cursed
with eternal puberty. This makes him
very tempermental and moody. Unlike
his younger siblings he doesn't like
reading, he prefers "action." Even though
he is difficult at times, he is loyal to his
siblings and helps them keep their
friendship with Tony (Anton) a secret
from the adult vampires.

Thelma Sackville-Bagg (Hildegard)
(Thelma the Thirsty)

Thelma is Rudolph, Anna and
Gregory's mother. She married their
father, Count Fredrick Sackville-Bagg in
1836. In 1850 she granted him the gift of
eternal life. She is a self centered
individual who usually fails to take any
notice of her children's needs.
Fredrick Sackville-Bagg (Ludwig)
(Frederick the Frightful)

Frederick is very loyal to his wife, Thelma,
because he treasures the "gift" she gave him.
Aunt Dorothy Sackville-Bagg-Pigsbubble

Aunt Dorothy is known as one of the most
blood-thirsty vampires (she even tried to bite
Anna once!) and is feared by everyone.
However, she generally looks out for the
vampire children more than the other
vampires and is seen as kind of a "vampire
Late Uncle Theodore Pigsbubble

Late Uncle Theodore was gentle and
unrealistic. He enjoyed sitting in the
cemetery reading poetry and playing
cards with himself by moonlight. Due to
his behavior he was caught and killed by
the cemetery guard. Anna and Rudolph
often lend Uncle Theodore's cape to
Tony (Anton).
William Sackville-Bagg (Wilhelm)
(William the Wild)

William (much like Frederick after him)
was turned into a vampire by his wife.
His most treasured momento (a silver
cufflink that once belonged to Count
Dracula) was lost in the ruins of the
Valley of Doom.

Sabina Sackville-Bagg (Sabine)
(Sabina the Sinister)

Sabina was the first of the Sackville-
Bagg to become a vampire. She believes
strongly in upholding tradition and
family values. In her coffin is her
greatest treasure, the chronicles of the
entire family, written in a secret
handwriting that only vampires can

Family Tree
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