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M2 (Movie Monthly) Magazine, Edition: July 2002


The Translation:     


       Movies about mafia and gangsters usually are very interesting. Since The Godfather, The Outsiders until Goodfellas and Mobsters, Hollywood cinemas have never stopped making those kind of movies which fortunately are loved by the cinemas goers. But we're not going to find  that kind of interesting image from this new movie Deuces Wild by Scott Kalvert like the one we got from those movies mentioned above. Setting in New York City during the 50's, among several young gangs there are at the time, there is a gang called "The Deuces", with Leon (Stephen Dorff) as the charismatic leader and his temperamental brother Bobby (Brad Renfro), this gang has a general commitment to protect their territory and existency.

        With their tragic past when their brother died of overdose, Leon and Bobby swore to protect their little Brooklyn territory to be clean from drugs. Meanwhile the unity of the Deuces are being threatened because Marco (Norman Reedus), the leader of The Vipers is getting ready to get out of the jail because of he was a drug dealer. Besides, Marco is planning to rebuild his dirty business and is planning a revenge to the Deuces which he thought had put him in jail. This conflict between the two gangs has increased along with several fights that occurred and not to mention the forbidden love between Bobby and Annie (Fairuza Balk), Jimmy Pockets' sister which happens to be Marco's right-hand man.

        Deuces Wild  is quite dull from the beginning to the end, even though in the beginning, the movie is a little promising which is followed by a cliché gang fight in the middle, and ended up in an uninteresting way. There's nothing special in the acting, and Brad Renfro's acting is a little irritating. The flatness of the script could be the cause of Deuces Wild failure to become a strong movie with a great performance by the actors. Unfortunately, the potentials of the young stars like Fairuza Balka and James Franco isn't really shown here, even though Stephen Dorff has helped a little because of his acting. It seems like Scott Kalvert has to make some changes to the script first to make a classy gangster film like The Outsider for instance.


Players: Stephen Dorff, Brad Renfro, Matt Dilon, James Franco

Director: Scott Kalvert

Script: Paul Kimatian, Christopher Gambale

Duration: 97 minutes

Distributor: MGM/UA

Rating: Story 4:10 - Players 5:10 - Ending 4:10 - Overall 4,5:10


written by: Widel

translated by: Praisy and Venny


    The Scanned Article, from the Magazine but it's written in Indonesia language: