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An email from someone who claimed to be from

I just wanted to interject on the company's part. I understand that you did have a bad experience with our company, this happens more than it should. However, you did not include all of the information in your web site. It is not fair to blame the company for everything. Granted you did get a bad flight and things were not as good as they should be with the service, there are always 2 sides to every story and it would be appreciated if you could include this as well in your web site so that people who use it will be educated and not scared to use the service. First of all, is a "buying service". You will not be able to select your times. This is stated clearly on the web site as you go through it. Second of all, as soon as we find the tickets, they are purchased. This is also put in BOLD print before you submit this request. And last of all, yes, they are non changable, non refundable tickets. However, tickets purchased directly through an airline are often also non refundable. They are transferable at times but an airline won't even offer you a refund. Also, when you are on the web site, everything is explained for you. Sometimes a customer will have a bad time with a flight and that is true with any service. The automated system is not really that complicated. There is an option to talk to an agent, that option is #5 and it does state that as well on that system. As far as the email is concerned, the generated email is no different than any company that provides on line customer service. It is not meant to solve your problem, just to give you an option and explain to you why you need to contact customer service. If some people choose to not use, that is fine. However, make sure you have all the facts before you slander a company online. You did recieved assistance from us and we did what we could to remedy your situation and not because of your web site, but because you are a customer and you were not happy. If you are willing to put this on your web site, that would be great. And the only thing I would have to say to the public, READ WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO WHEN YOU VISIT ANY WEB SITE!! There are alot of companies that will scam you. With, you get what you pay for. If you wanna name your price, then you have to have flexibility. And one final thing, you were not able to specify on YOUR request when you wanted to fly, that option has never been on our web site in the year and a half I have been with the company! Be objective and let the public know all sides of the story. I am not trying to protect the company by any means, I just think it is a good service for some people but not for all.

(Name, title withheld)
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