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My Experience with Priceline

My Story: I clearly selected that I wanted a 2 round trip tickets from San Francisco to Manchester, New Hampshire. I filled out my info, and red through the 1000+ words of legal jargon. I went back and specified that I did NOT want to be "flexible" . I then proceeded back to the final page, marked off my initials and waited....

TWA flight 0076 Friday
DEPART: San Francisco, CA 12:20 AM
ARRIVE: St. Louis, MO 5:59 AM
TWA Flight 0192 Friday
DEPART: St. Louis, MO 7:53 AM
ARRIVE: Boston, MA 11:40 AM

Twelve hours of travel through the dark of night...and they didn't even want to put me in the CORRECT STATE! This was clearly not what I bid for. Somehow, the program must have assumed that I was "flexible" even though I indicated that I wasn't.

How I tried to rectify the situation
1)Called Priceline on many occasions, and have still not gotten access to a live person.
2)Called TWA directly to reschedule. They were very friendly, but said they were "under contract" with not to make any changes to the flight.
3)I emailed Priceline, and got an automated reply. (I will include the actual email below).
4) I am working with my credit card company to get my money back. I will update this site with any progress.

Actual response from Priceline

Dear Priceline Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to send us e-mail.

We are sorry to hear of any difficulty regarding your Priceline tickets. We ask that you please understand that the airlines release seats to us below the published fares under the agreement that priceline customers will be flexible with the times they are traveling and that Priceline tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.
Priceline does appreciate your business and the agreement you made before submitting your ticket request to us. If you need any further clarification or have a problem with your tickets, our customer service phone representatives will be happy to hear your concerns. If you would like to speak to a representative, please call our toll free Customer Service # at 1-800-340-0575 and follow these instructions: press one, then two, then enter your Priceline Ticket Request Number and the phone number you entered on your request, then press one to speak to a representative. Representatives are available Monday through Friday 9am to 12am and weekends from 10am to 7pm. We look forward to serving your future travel needs.


Marryt L.

The Customer Service Team


Priceline called me back after several emails. They were very willing to either exchange my ticket for a new one or refund my money! (I took the refund). The customer service rep told me 3 times that it was against Priceline policy to give refunds, because the risks were clearly stated on the webpage, but she refunded my money anyway.

I would appreciate if you have your own story, I could post it here. I would be interested to hear of your Priceline adventures. Thank you, and Happy Traveling!

This page was updated Oct. 25, 1999