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Feedback that I have received since putting this site up:

Well as you can see by what I pasted below they are passing the buck to you and you are passing it to them (AMAZING). I AM TRYING TO FIND OUT WHY I AM PAYING 89.00 FOR A 59.00 ROOM?????????????? IS THERE ANYWAY I CAN GET A SMOKING ROOM???????????????? IS THERE ANYWAY I CAN GET MY MONEY BACK????????????????????? IS THERE ANYWAY THAT I CAN ACTUALLY GET A ROOM WORTH THE $89.00 A NIGHT I AM PAYING???????????? IS THERE ANYWAY SOMEONE CAN ACTUALLY ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS INSTEAD OF REFERRING ME TO SOMEONE ELSE????

Thank you for taking the time to send us e-mail. With Priceline you agree to purchase a hotel room if we can find one available at the price you name. Priceline begins to process your request as soon as it has been guaranteed with a major credit card. Once we begin processing your request, it cannot be cancelled or changed. If we are successful and get you a hotel room at the price you requested, your credit card is charged for the full amount of all rooms reserved for your entire length of stay. When you make a Priceline Hotel Request, you agree that if we are able to find hotel rooms that match your request, that your hotel reservations cannot be changed. While your hotel will do its best to accommodate you, priceline cannot guarantee that any changes can be made or that special requests can be met. If your hotel confirms a change to a priceline reservation, additional room charges may be applicable and are at the discretion of the hotel and at the hotel's prevailing rates at the time of your request. For an emergency situations you may request a cancellation directly from priceline by calling our Customer Service number provided in your confirmation e-mail.
We look forward to serving your future travel needs.
Marryt L.
The Customer Service Team

I had a good experience with their hotel product. I had some trouble at the desk, but called their 800# and got it cleared up. $80 for the Westin -- which usually goes for like $240... Sorry that you had a tough time...

My original request was denied and my subsequent re-request was never responded to within the 24 hour period they promise, nothing via "E" mail or phone or fax. Hence I made other arrangements on my own for airline tickets. Four days later I receive an invoice/itinerary in the mail confirming a trip- on the "red eye" flights no less. Still no "E" mail confirmation at all! My attempts to reach them via "E" mail and "800" calls were fruitless! BUYER BEWARE. And if you are an investor in this "customer unfriendly" corporation... LOOK OUT!!

Price Line - You have violated a public trust. I regret that I ever tried to do business with you!

i was about to purchase three tickets ,but since i read the truth site ,hell no thank you

To whom it may concern,
I had a horrible experience with today and I thought it may help others out if I share it. I went online to and made an offer. It made me a deal which looked good at the time. It offered me $40.00 off my ticket if I signed up for a Platinum Visa card, so I did. Then something happened to my internet connection and I wasn't actually sure if my offer went through. I tried for approximately an hour and 1/2 to find some way to contact If you notice, priceline doesn't provide a Customer Service number on their website. This # is only available to you when you receive your tickets which didn't help me one bit. Then I wasted my time trying to e-mail a priceline representative, still not knowing whether or not my offer went through. I was afraid that even though I did not give my credit card #, I would be billed on the Platinum Visa card that I stupidly signed up for. I ended up having to spend quite some time on the Internet trying to find a phone # that I could call. Eventually I came up with a long distance # that I had to call on my dime. I asked the operator to give me the 1-800 customer service # and she instead transferred me which didn't help me because I had dialed the long distance #. Finally, a representative from priceline called me back after I explained my experience and we straightened things out. In my opinion, this company is pretty sleazy. They give you no way of getting ahold of their company if you have any problems leaving you to feel as though you have "been had." I will not use priceline again. I prefer to use a company that does not hide behind the Internet, leaving you no options except to sit and wait and hope they e-mail you back. I will tell all my family and friends about my experience. Many in our family work for a worldwide company and fly frequently. Priceline will not get our business.
Perturbed by

Hi, I run an Internet Cafe in Denver Colorado. I get a lot of people who want to try out We have a problem, the site is always busy and I've only seen one person ever able to get into it. One person tried to get in for about an hour this morning - then she came back and the site is still down (even ping didn't work, the site isn't up right now). Anyhow, we were trying to get into it via links - your page came up ( and since you had some interesting things to say about (which I'll pass on to my customer if she comes back) - I figured I'd give you another twist on the subject. We never did get in through any links though, and we tried on several computers.

thanks for the warning. I work too hard for my money and my vacation to risk it.

Dear Sir or Mam,
I went to your "website" and found it very absurd and childish. I am a priceline customer service represenative and do not appreciate the false information that you are spreading about Priceline. It is not Priceline's fault that there are Morrons like yourself that do "NOT" read all of the details or call and ask. You stated that you "chose" your times of flight and that is not possible with priceline. It CLEARLY states that you are willing to fly between 6am and 10pm arriving the same day and there are NO direct flights that you can request which in turn shows me that you are a liar and have no respect for our services, it is people like yourself that make our job difficult, and if you choose to use priceline in the future please READ ALL THE FINE PRINT

I was just about to sign up with priceline because I heard so many wonderful things about it. I came across your page and I am so thankful for your information. You just saved me possible headaches. I'm glad you are taking action.
Thank you.

Updated Sept.1, 1999