The Speed Bong:


**The Schematics**

In my time of smoking speed I have come to be reliant on the speed bong. Now the speed bong isnt a common practice amongst tweekers but out of the few who do know and use it, little understand the science. Unlike the weed bong the Speed Bong (SB) should be small about the size of a BBQ sauce bottle. A cylinder shape condences the smoke into the area your mouth is.

No to get your air path to go through the water you are going to need 6' to 10' inch tube around 3/8 inches in diameter depending on you pipe size.

If the container is glass you are going to need to drill a hole in the fase about 3 inches from the base. But if you are smart and get hard plastic all you need to do is heat a coat hanger or metal shaft and pierce the bottles face.

Simply run the tube throught the hole created so it touches the base. You should have 3 inches remaining at the minimum. Shave the end not in the SB if it doesnt fit you piece. If it is too small try to acquire another tube a little larger. Again 3/8th works the best for my pieces but I dont think it fits pyrex pieces. Fill water up a smidge and try a pinch of mint for a craz new twist.

***Bong Wall of Fame***

  1. Moon Bong -A moon with a star about 8 inches tall. Thick glass and I made two, one yellow and the other blue. Yellow blew up from water pressure from the cracks and electrical tape. My mother took the other. What was once a vase at the 98cent rose to be my crowning jewel of back alley bong making.
  2. Buddha Bong -A really narrow design carved out of porsolain packed one hell of a wallop. Its only down fall was it worked so good that we used it to much. The resin clogged the place were the tub entered the Buddha. In a vein attempt to play God someone tried to fix it. He fixed it for good. It got its name Buddha Bong because i got pictures online of Buddhas and glued them on her. I randomly would call on different Buddhas to retrieve me a golden hit from the heavens. I was never disappointed.
  3. Little Foot -I had a BBQ sauce bottle with a mouth about the size of an Oreo, probably a little smaller. I squeezed a toy dinosaur from when I was a into the top. The dino was pretty much the same size as the fatest point on the bottle. He was hollow so I sucked the air out and jammed him in for about an hour or two. Besides decoration it cuts down on air and allows thicker smoke. The worst part about Little Foot is that after so many big hits in a row, over and over thier punch gets less and less. oo much of a good thing, I guess!