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This site by Mirumoto Genji is for enthusiasts of the Legends of the Five Rings card game
by Alderac Entertainment Group. It focuses on the Dragon faction in Rokugan. Thanks for visiting.

Returning Home

Like a forgotten garden, Kyuden Mirumoto has been long neglected and is in need of refreshment.
Responsibilities to many people has taken me far from Rokugan and it will continue for the
forseeable future. A quick survey of the older neighborhoods show that much has changed over
the last year. Cherished friends that appeared to be so active and vibrant have moved on and will
be missed. Youngsters that were that were once frail and small have blossomed; they must have
passed their gempukku.

The Roads to Rokugan has been updated to reflect changes found in recent travels.



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 Facts about Rokugan, the setting of Legends of the Five Rings (L5R) card game.

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 Rokugan from the Mirumoto Clan prospective.

  Short list useful strategy articles.

 Overview of the major families of the Dragon Clan

 A brief history of the major events in Rokugans's past.

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