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lilly resume


Lilly L. Cai


Address while registered at school:
Apt #1102

137 University Ave. West

Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3E6
(519) 883-1693

Home Address:
125 Locheland Cres.
Nepean, Ontario, K2G 6H3

(613) 823-4197
Home page:




Enthusiastic and self-motivated with excellent interpersonal, communications and technical skills. 

Acts with integrity and is able to adapt quickly to new ideas and concepts.


·        Excellent human relation and communication skills

·        Ability to work under pressure and eager to learn new skills

·        Fluent in English and Chinese, knowledge of French



Work Experiences


Nortel, 1341 Baseline Road, Ottawa, Ontario

Skylab Support, Dept 1R52

May 1, 1999 – Aug 31-1999

·        Y2K compliance research and support

·        PC hardware and software support

·        Assembling, configuring, upgrading, troubleshooting and deployment of PC hardware and software

·        Maintenance of servers





Standards Council of Canada, 45 O’Connor Street, Suite 1200, Ottawa, Ontario

May 1, 1998 – Aug 31, 1998

·        Answered helpdesk calls and provided prompt response to day to day problems

·        Trained and provided courses for Outlook98 and Office97

·        Installation of Windows95 on several notebooks

·        Installation Configuration of hardware and software

·        Researched on Y2K compliance for all the server and desktop off-the-shelf applications

·        Responsible to perform daily backups, changing tapes, archiving tapes etc.




Nortel, Northern Telecom, 3500 Carling, Ottawa, Ontario
Companion Support, Dept 2R22

July 1, 1996-May 1, 1997 

·        Performed Technical trial support for Wireless Companion System

·        Supported Technical and customer activities

·        Installed and maintained various components of Wireless Companion System

·        Collected data for billing records and updates

·        Ran Post-Processor (global information management system)


Bell Northern Research (Nortel, Northern Telecom), 3500 Carling, Ottawa, Ontario
June 27, 1995- Aug. 4, 1995

·        Co-op student for ENET Software Development Group

·        Updated project development plan and project quality plan documents

·        Produced presentation slides

·        Copied and compared data, compiled reports


National Aviation Museum, Ottawa, Ontario
Summer of 1993

·        Children's animator in the Helicopter studio











Computer Skills


·        Programming languages: PASCAL, Turbo C++, HTML, BASIC, Visual Basic, and UNIX

·        Extensive knowledge of Windows/NT  and Macintosh operating systems

·        Skillful of Microsoft Office 97,  MS Powerpoint, FrameBuilder, and Filemaker

·        Knowledgeable in LAN protocol (i.e. TCP/IP, AppleTalk, PPP, SLIP, and FTP)

·        Knowledgeable in connectivity technologies, including Ethernet, ISDN, and Remote Access

·        Good comprehension in PC, UNIX, and Mac platforms

·        Knowledgeable in Macintosh Application Emulator (MAE), Retrospect and an extensive list of other software

·        Extensive working experience of Wireless Companion Communication System of Nortel, Northern Telecom

·        Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS) training





University Of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
Fall 1997-Present:

·        Candidate of Honours Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science

·        Minor in Business/Finance


Glebe Collegiate Institute, Ottawa, Ontario
Fall 1992-Spring 1997

·        Ontario Scholar

·        Achievement Awards, grades 9-12 for average over 90%



Extra-Curricular Activities, Interests


·        Member of University of Waterloo recreational hockey league

·        Member of University of Waterloo Swing dance club

·        Captain of Glebe .C.I 's Canada First Robotics Team 96-97 (placed 2nd in National Competition)

·        President of Junior Achievement Global Business Challenge Team of 95-96

·        Vice President of Production of Junior Achievement Company 94-95

·        1995 Girls Singles Tennis Champion of Ottawa High School Athletic Association

·        Enjoys tennis, hockey, fishing, roller-blading, and golf





Upon Request

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