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Ultimate survey for: Lilly

Age: 21
Height: 5'51/2"
Blood Type: B
Sign: Virgo
Nicknames: Leilei, Energizer bunny, Lil, Queen of Mean, Lil Sweetie
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Current Residence: Waterloo, ON
Favorite excuse: I'm an only child!
Favorite comedians: Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy
Favorite movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, You've got Mail
How much money do you usually carry in your wallet? $0, Interac baby!
Croutons or Bacon Bits:  Bacon Bits
Favorite Salad Dressing: Caesar
Boxers or briefs: both
Digital or Analog: Digital
Mac's or PC's: PC's... Mac's are for people who can't use PC's...ahem..that's for you Dr.FrankyT
Do You Drink?: Only with good company
Do You Smoke?: Socially
Shampoo or Conditioner: Both
Do you make fun of people: But of course, only if they deserve it
Favorite colors: Blue, Pink, White(shade)
Have you ever been convicted of a crime: Convicted? No.
One pillow or two: three
Pets: Baby Hedgehog "Oreo"
Favorite type of music: All except heavy metal and country.
Hobbies: Tennis, Hockey, Golf, Snowboarding,
Dream Car: Porsche 911 Turbo
Words or phrases you overuse: Huh? Duh? Whatever!
Do you get along with your parents: sometimes
Favorite town to chill in: Toronto, NYC, Beijing
Favorite Drink: Long Island Ice Tea, Brown Cow
What's your bed time: 1 am
Adidas, Nike or Reebok: Nike
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Cool Water, Polo Sport
Favorite Web site:
Favorite Subjects in School: East Asian studies, Philosophy, and Psychology
Least Favorite Subjects: All Math courses
Favorite Sport to Watch: Hockey!
Most Humiliating Moment: None… yeah.. none.
Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you: Phil, you aite!
Favorite Quote: When someone doesn't love you the way you want them to,
it doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite Relatives: My Aunts
What College Did you attend: University of Waterloo
Favorite Stores to Shop in: GAP, Club Monoco, Roots, Beneton, Jacob
Favorite Jeans: Ralph Lauren Polo
Guys, with or without hats: baseball caps (ie. Andrew Yeung)
 Girls, with or without nail polish: Doesn't matter
Favorite TV shows: Ally McBeal, Felicity, Charm, Drew Carey Show, Friends, Frasier
What's on your mousepad: Nortel
In the car, AC or open windows: no AC in my car
Do you believe in yourself: More than you can imagine.
Favorite online buddies: Steve, Phil, Dave
Favorite board games: Monopoly
Favorite sounds: Uh Oh..ICQ?
Favorite smell: Issay Miyaki
Scariest person: CS club guys at Waterloo
Drinks, with or without ice cubes: Ice.
Worst feeling in the world: Walking into an exam knowing that you know absolutely nothing.
a broken heart
Best feeling in the world: Success
Crumple or fold TP: I never paid much attention, next time, you can check it out.
Favorite thing to do on the weekend: chiling and relaxing
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Nortel Legal Attorney
First thought when you woke up this morning: Who the hell invented alarm clocks?
Do you have any enemies: Only a few, but I can kick their asses.
Do you have cell phone and beeper: Cell phone and Beeper(it's from work)
Do you get motion sickness: No scopolamine in my medicine cabinet.
Rollercoasters deadly or exciting: Exciting, especially when you don't have safety belts on.
Favorite Pen or pencil: Sanrio Pens.
Favorite author: Amy Tan, O'Henry, Michael Crichton, Aldous Huxley
How many rings before you answer the phone: Two rings so their phone numbers show up on my caller ID.
Coolest thing about your house (or Dorm room): My yellow Ikea coffee table
Future Son names: Tennyson, Audreck
Future Daughter names: Audrey, Destinie
What has made you cry the most: Jona
Are you a good friend: Of course… always
Chocolate or vanilla cake: Chocolate.
Do you like to drive: LOVE to drive.
Thunderstorms- cool or scary: Cool, unless you're in one.
Favorite Songs: "Can't take my eyes off you" Lauryn Hill
"Have you ever.." Brandy
Favorite Singers: Lauryn Hill
Where do you want to live in the future: San Francisco, Hawaii, Beijing, HK
Strangest name of someone you know: Hep (pronounced: Hip)
Favorite punchline to a joke: Your mama.
Most embarrassing CD in your collection: Can't think of one
Most memorable bumper sticker: Never had a bumper sticker.
Are you proud of yourself: Yes, some believe that I'm cocky but I just think it's self confidence.
Number of times you saw Titanic: Once and only once
How many CD's in your collection: 1,2,3,4,5… I can't count that high
Favorite toy: My Winnie the Pooh bear, Bounce me Tigger and cell phone.
What is your most prized po session: My Tennis Racquet
Seafood?: umm, okay
Coffee drinker: Starbucks owns me..
Tea drinker: Only when I'm in the mood.
Shower at night or morning: Both
What movies have you watched the most times: Eat a Bow of tea
What is the most romantic song: Till the end of the road -Boyz II Men
What's in your wallet?: Driver's license, Med school ID, Waterhouse Securities credit card, golf membership card, subway card, little phone book, & money
Favorite brands (clothing): Polo, Roots, GAP, Club Monoco
Favorite brand (electronics): Sony
Collects: Winnie the Pooh, Candles
Funniest thing to happen to you: Wiped out big time right infront of Parliment Hill
Hate it when people: Point finger at me
Touch my head
Signal me to come over with one finger
Things you think people should have: Ethics, Moral beliefs, Basic understanding of the difference between man (as in mankind) and lesser kind.
What's a bad combination?: Fat, ugly, mean, poor, & stupid.
What's the best combination?: Opposite of above.
Worst job a person can have: Dentist ( hate to look into ppl's mouth)
Best job a person can have: Anyone that work's with Michael Chang
Dream job: Tennis Player, Golf Player
Original or crispy?: Original
Cream and sugar?: Lots.
Ketchup? Make it bleed.
Worst cities: Waterloo
Best cities: S.F., NYC, Beijing, Toronto
City with the worst attitude: Philadelphia
City with the best attitude: Ottawa
When someone slaps you, turn the other cheek or slap back?: Slap the person back with all my strength, forehand then backhand. Then break the person's knee, ribcage, and clavicle, not necessarily in that order.
Most hated car: I love all cars
Favorite cartoon characters: Winnie the Pooh
Top three priorities (in order): Career, Family, Friends.
Favorite magazine: Cosmo
Words I live by: Opportunity Cost
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