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Jewel's Fire Angel

Name: Jeremy A. Stonum
EDA nicknames: JewelLovr, The Fire Angel
B-Day: 1/15/80
Location: Lawson, MO(near KC)
Martial status: Single, hopefully not for long
Height: 5'7"
Eyes: Brown

Ambition: Become a Sound Reinforcement Engineer
Hobbies: Music, Volunteer Fireman, drummer, rodeos and, auto racing
Dream: To be a Sound Reinforcement Engineer for Jewel
Playing drums and listening to music makes me happy.
Best days of my life: Engineering sound for concerts.
Happiness is: Doing what makes you happy.

Blue Poster

Fire Angel's Favorite Poem

Paul Jones, Dani Lake, Sherri Lake, Chris Meredith, Donald Miller, Nick Berry, and Whitney Scobee

(Taking a break from recording her CD of A Night Without Armor in Kansas City.)

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